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Female Fertility Herbs

Try having female fertility herbs and see the difference         


With infertility on the rise, there are number of childless couples who are running to the doctor for a perfect solution. Conception does not always come easy to all couples. Some couples have to try many times and again there are couples who conceive in the very first chance. Medication and surgery is not too good for the health. So there are numerous herbs which people can try taking at home for effective results without reasonable side effects.

There are number of herbs that help in boosting the fertility in woman. However it is recommended that these herbs are taken in limited amounts as they may react if taken together as a punch. Also, if you are already under the treatment of a doctor and are taking medicines it is advised not to consume herbal medicines. Herbalists make use of flowers, leaves and stalks for medicines in female reproduction disease. Motherwort is a famous and well known herb used for woman. It helps in stabilizing uterus, preparing it for child birth and calms stress and nervousness.

Other female fertility herbs which help in conceiving are Red Raspberry Leaf which is an exceptional resource of magnesium, iron and calcium. It helps to build up the uterus and is harmless to use from initial preconception to birth. It also aids in leg cramps occurring during pregnancy. Morning sickness is also prevented by this herb. Alfalfa is a great energizing herb which helps in nurturing the reproductive organs. It is rich in vitamins and keeps you healthy in general too. Red Clover helps in boosting of fertility. This also helps in purifying of blood. It is best if this herb is begun 3- 4 months before conceiving. It is good for periods as well and used as a universal fertility tonic.

Vitex is a very well known herb which is consumed for increasing fertility in woman. It also helps to regulate the menstrual flow as well as heavy bleeding. People suffering from ovary cysts can take this herb regularly for positive side effects. Nettles are rich in Calcium content as well as iron content which is very nutritious for the adrenal glands and the reproductive system. They are also rich in folic acid which is very important during pregnancy.

A very good and nutritious herb is Oat straw. It acts as a very gentle aphrodisiac and helps to balance hormones. Oat straw can be added to tea for good effects. Chaste Tree Berry helps in regulating your periods and also helps to revive periods which has stopped due to some reasons. Damiana also helps to promote female fertility and balance menstrual cycles. If had with tea, it can help nourish the reproductive system. These are the different kinds of female fertility herbs which can be taken for increasing female fertility. These herbs do not have any accounted side effects and can be taken with a doctor’s permission. These herbs are all available in any medicine or local health food store. Since herbs take a little time to work, it is recommended that one starts taking the herbs before they prepare for conception of conceiving.

Dr Rita bakshi, senior infertility expert based in International fertility centre New Delhi, conducts successful surgeries for successful fertilisation. She suggests that you should lead a good healthy and happy life for successful fertilisation.


  1. Damaged/blocked fallopian tube- Resulting due to inflammation of the fallopian tube causes of infertility in women and chalamydia an infection sexually transmitted is the most common cause

    Endometriosis- Results when uterine tissues are implanted and grown outside uterus and that’s what is seen responsible for altering with the proper functioning of the eggs, sperm, ovaries, uterus and fallopian tubes

    Ovulation problems- These problems may prohibit the ovaries from its natural function of releasing of the eggs, and may cause internal injuries and tumors

    Early onset of menopause- Women whom having their menopause set early could also do problems in women becoming pregnant.

    Medications- Certain medications could also temper with the process of fertilization and as a result infertility may happen. It could get back to normalcy when the medication is usually withdrawn

    Thyroid problems- This could also temper with the process of menstrual cycle and cause infertility and must be corrected in due course of time. Cancer could be another major problem that could alter with the process of reproduction and could cause infertility of temporary and permanent types in men and women. This is another one of the causes of infertility for women.

    Other types of medical conditions- Other medical linked with amonorroea or delayed puberty such as sickle cell disease, diabetes, kidney related issues, cushing’s disease can also affect the fertility of the women in a big way.

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