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Myths and facts of Egg donation

Myths and facts of Egg donation

Egg donation is one of the great ways to help childless couples, especially those who are not able to conceive because of problem in the ovulation process of the intended mother.  In case the female is not able to ovulate at all or having poor quality eggs, then there is no option left other than taking help of donor mothers. Egg donation process is carried out under the guidance of expert doctors and clinics like International Fertility Centre carries out it with utmost care and perfection. While there are many women that are ready to provide their services as egg donor, there are few myths also that prevent women to go ahead for it!

  1. Find your own donor to get it done fast: This is one of the most popular myths that is not true actually. It is always better to contact specialized clinics like IFC so that you are sure about the quality checks. They will have better scrutiny process to eliminate the risks of VD or STD!
  2. It is absolutely painless: One of the most common myths about egg donation is, about the pain involved in the process. While many self-proclaim experts boast about the painless procedure, the reality is very different. Females can experience cramp and pressure in the lower abdomen during the process. There are also cases reported with extreme sensitivity and stinging sensation in the breasts.
  3. It is good for oldies: Although very popular, this is completely wrong! Egg donation is not for old females that want to enjoy motherhood. On the contrary it is a process that can be applied for any female that is not able to produce egg, irrespective of the age!
  4. Nausea and vomiting does not occur because it is ‘not’ a pregnancy: One of the most common myths, again made popular by self-proclaimed experts. Egg donation can cause these symptoms because of various medicines given to the egg donor.
  5. It is a stress free process: Although there will be no prolonged psychological stress to the egg donor, yet temporary stress would be surely there with the screening and other procedures. Very rarely, there might be depression, anxiety and panic!
  6. Rigorous exercise stimulates the ovulation process: It is not clear about the basis of this myth, but it is absolutely incorrect. On the other hand, donor mother is refrained from exercise after the medication starts.
  7. Birth control pills have no role in egg donation: It is actually the vice-a-versa. Donor mother is given with birth control pills to match her menstruation cycle with the intended mother.
  8. No weight gain for the donor mother: It is a myth! Actually females experience weight gain during the process. However, it is temporary and immediately comes to the original.
  9.  Egg donation is only a money game:  It is a myth. Egg donor has to be emotionally ready and with positive attitude about it.  The commitment and willingness to help a childless couple plays major role, as compared to the monetary transaction.
  10. It increases the vaginal lubrication: It is a myth on the basis of incorrect information. On the contrary, menopause like symptoms appears during the process. Of course, they are temporary and vanish once the process is over!

These are the most common myths about egg donation. Clinics like IFC work very closely with intended couple and donor mothers and counsel them to clarify these and make the egg donation journey successful!

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