Thursday, 4 October 2012

Low Fat Dairy Product Cause Infertility

Infertility can be the Cause of Low Fat Dairy Product Consumption

Infertility is a vast topic and cause and effects of various factors of lifestyle, food habits, age, sex and many other factors are still unknown. A strange revelation emerged out of a survey some years back highlighted that low-fat dairy food enhances chances of infertility by 85%, thus considerably reducing body’s aptitude to produce egg cells. The same survey, on the other hand, confirms that the females with regular adherence to a high-fat dairy food cut down the chance of infertility by 27%. This survey was based upon the scientists’ view and clear-cut evidence that connects consumption of low-fat dairy products to infertility in women.

Although the relation of food habits with general health is very well-known, you can find thousands of journals, papers, articles now to support consumption of high fat dairy products in women.

The results are surprising!
Thousands of couples across the world face the problem of infertility. Every case is unique and reveals a new aspect of it! It was highly astonishing for research associates that there was no effect of consuming high quantity and very low quantity of dairy products on infertility. The only effect visible was on the weighing scale! However, kindly of dairy food women consumed was making great deal of difference. The particular type of infertility that was observed during the study is known as Anovulation infertility. It causes the inability of the body to produce eggs. Women consuming high-fat dairy products had reduced chances of infertility.

How it works?

Food has many direct and indirect impacts on our body and therefore has to be looked into carefully. The high intake of low-fat dairy products put direct impact on the ovulation process. Ovaries are responsible for producing eggs and this adverse effect obviously makes chances of pregnancy feeble. Human reproduction system largely depends on hormones that control various factors of fertility. The Anovulation infertility is a state of irregular ovulation cycles resulting in irregular release of eggs. The chances of getting pregnant reduced because of this irregularity factor. Hormones are typically released in order to signal ovulation in a woman’s body every month. The result is the release of a mature egg from the ovaries which may then be fertilized. However, women with Anovulation experience irregular ovulation cycles. In other words, eggs are not released every month, and a woman will ovulate intermittingly throughout the year.

Experts also vouch the fact!

International Fertility Centre (IFC) works on the entire aspects of infertility and all the factors like food habits, lifestyle and other issues are always considered important. Intended parents are advised on nutritional and dietary factors also along with the treatment plans. Low fat dairy products might be included in the diet plan after pregnancy, that too if the intended mothers do not want to gain weight significantly. But the dietary habits advised to women aspiring to be mothers are well in line with the survey findings. When such a significant advice comes from an authoritative agency, you must heed, should you want a baby soon!

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