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Infertility Problems in Women

Infertility Problems in Women

Are you suspecting a problem? The changing trend of the modern world results in causing of stress, hypertension, anxieties and irregular and damaging food habits, consumption hike of contraceptive pills affect the modern woman of today. That is why problems of women infertility are on the rise. A woman is said to be infertile when see is not able to conceive even after trying continuously for 6 months or cannot ovulate.  It is seen that around 10% of woman are victims of infertility. The major cause of not being able to get pregnant is due to ovulation disorders where the woman is not able to ovulate because of either blockage in the fallopian tubes or poor fallopian tubes or incompetent to produce matured eggs, malfunctioning of the hormonal glands or problem in the uterus or other reproductive organs.

Infertility can also be caused by too much of smoking or drinking of alcohol as well as bad food habits or intake of drugs and obesity. Other additional factors triggering infertility may be abnormal uterus, unbalanced or excruciating periods, pelvic inflammatory diseases, fibroids or cervical mucus present in the body. Age also plays an important factor for a woman to get pregnant. If she is above 35 years of age, the chances of conceiving reduce because her ovaries are not able to release eggs, and she has less number of eggs which are not as healthy or strong like before.

Even if she becomes pregnant, there are chances of her having an abortion. Women who have experienced too many miscarriages must talk to a doctor for immediate consultation. Woman who have a bad eating habit do not get pregnant. People who love crash diets are usually anorexic. They stop menstruating which is a prime factor to the way of pregnancy. People having too much fried food rich in cholesterol also deal with infertility issues. Women treated with severe diabetes or hyper thyroids also do not get pregnant easily. Environmental conditions are also victims which help in infertility. Lead and Ethylene Oxide are known as important metals which help in poisoning.

Sexually transmitted disease also stands in the way of pregnancy. Infertility problems can be treated with the help of medicine if required. Most of the widespread cause of female infertility comprise of endometriosis, fibroids and polycystic ovarian syndrome. However, there are other reasons also why a woman may have problems in fertility such as ovulation disorders and untimely ovarian failure. There are also mysterious fertility problems where infertility cannot be properly diagnosed by the doctors. In this condition usually, overweight or under weight, age, environmental problems, stress and anxiety can be taken to be the main causes.

For a woman to get pregnant, it is important to have regular intercourse, for six months, go to the doctor if any complications are found, have a diet rich in proteins, carbohydrates iron, and calcium, take ample rest, exercise regularly and have your medicines in time. Stay fit healthy and happy and see you getting pregnant in weeks!

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