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Infertility and Surrogacy

Infertility and Surrogacy

It is not very long time when women born with by birth defects have been unable to have genetic children of their own. There was no option for them, other than spending whole life in the state of sorrow and frustration. Alternatively adoption was a solution with its own issues and hassles. There was a revolution in the 1990s when gestational surrogacy also known as In Vitro Fertilization surrogacy was invented. Thousands of women across the world got benefited by this amazing method and having a genetic child was very much possible for those women who have congenital absence or defects in uterus. Although genetic relation with the mother would be partial that is with the father only if she is unable to provide egg for fertilization.

Infertility is a complex condition and it is a challenge, not only for the intended couple, but for Doctors as well. There is a great amount of frustration and trauma associated with it and whatever might be the reason of it, the treatment is lengthy and difficult. Women are usually the most affected party since they have to bear physical as well as mental pressures and keeping morale high is the biggest issue. Surrogacy has certainly become one of the favourite methods of having a baby and a great number of infertility cases are getting resolved using this magnificent technique across the globe. Infertility is no more a curse that a couple has to bear throughout the life, surrogacy has converted their dream of being parents into reality.

The process of surrogacy is not that difficult as it appears to be. A good surrogacy clinic like International Fertility Centre (IFC) that has well-articulated methods and approach would make it much more easy and uncomplicated. The fundamental thing about surrogacy process is absolute transparency. Right from explaining the entire process to getting a suitable surrogate mother, all steps require clear understanding between intended couple, surrogate mother and the surrogacy clinic. Hiring professional social workers and counsellors would make the things much easier and surrogate mother and intended couples would build greater confidence level. 

Doctors play a major role in the decision of going for surrogacy. Of course it is taken on the basis of evaluation of infertility that is done by expert doctors. Centres like IFC have all necessary tests available and medical experts would decide for surrogacy in case intended mother has congenital absence, abnormality or malfunctioning of uterus, recurrent abortion or inability to carry the baby for the full term. They explain the medical condition to the intended parents and suggest for surrogacy.

Clinics like IFC has all the required facilities of surrogacy and couples seeking medical or other help would get everything under one roof. Selection of surrogate mothers will be done on the basis of very stringent norms and there will be utmost effort to have a perfect match. Surrogate mothers will receive complete physical and emotional support through regular check-up and counselling sessions. Legal complexities will be handled by agency to make surrogacy a pleasant experience for the couple facing mental tensions because of infertility.

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