Thursday, 11 October 2012

Realities of Infertility

Myths and Realities of Infertility

There are thousands of couples have been trying hard for years but unable to get blessed with a baby. In medical terminology, this condition is known as infertility and there is long and complicated treatment involved curing the same. There are various myths that are popular among people regarding infertility. Some of them are certainly true, but some are exactly reverse. The most common and popular myths and realities are:

1. Good food habits increase chances of fertility: Although it is one of the greatest myths, unfortunately it is not true. People have various claims regarding increase of fertility hormones by consuming specific food items regularly. However, there is no such research evidence found in favour of this fact. However, it is always recommended eating good food in order to get overall health benefits.

2. No impact of medicines on infertility: This is absolutely false. The impact of certain medicines on hormone levels of human body has been proven by research and investigations. There are medicines that disrupts with hormonal cycle and therefore it is important to check with your doctor regarding prescribed medicines, especially if you are undergoing infertility treatment. It will also reduce the chance of getting prescribed with medicines that would have allergic reaction if taken along with the infertility medicines.

3. Age matters for infertility: True. Age has direct and distinct correlation with infertility. Body strength, resistance, immunity and hormonal levels are at the peak during young age and hence it is important to keep this factor under consideration. The vitality and sustainability of our body gets declined as we go old. Therefore it is always better to start infertility related treatment at the early age.

4. Alcohol increases the chances of pregnancy: It is absolutely false. Alcohol on the other hand increases the chances of infertility and usually affects the treatment process adversely. It has harmful effects on the nervous system and hence consumption of alcohol during infertility treatment must be completely avoided. Alcohol also affects the sexual ability and desire very badly.

5. Tobacco brings infertility: True, there are very bad effects of tobacco and tobacco based products on the body. Smoking cigarettes, active or passive would have bad impact on pregnancy. The dangerous toxins and chemicals that exist in tobacco go deep in the body and very difficult to clean. The effects are slow and long lasting.

6. Stress increases infertility: It is absolutely true. There are various studies that prove significant correlation of stress and infertility. Women that have undergone stress reduction techniques and counselling have shown significant success rate towards infertility treatment, IVF and pregnancy rates. On the other hand positive thinking puts very good impact on infertility and improves the chances of the breakthrough.

7. High Nutrition diets improve fertility: This is absolutely true. High nutrition diet improves the ovulation process and increases the chances of pregnancy. Malnutrition has adverse effects on the other and that leads to infertility. Have a balanced diet and nutritional supplements to get improved body condition.

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