Monday, 27 August 2012

Fertility Centers Delhi

Fertility Centers Delhi Perfect Place for Evaluating and Treating Infertility

God has blessed women with a power to give life. But in the present era, most of the women are devoid of such power commonly called as infertility. Infertility can arise at any stage or age of life, but studies have proven that the chances of getting pregnant reduces by 3-5% every year after attaining 30 years of age. The main cause behind it is that women have finite number of eggs and its quality or a chance of fusing with sperm reduces after a particular age. Even there are few women who became infertile after their first child. Study shows that women with infertility are often victim of mental disorders like depression, stress etc. Social or family pressure on the woman enhances her chance of depression. She feels isolated and away from rest of the world. Such women must come out of depression as infertility can be easily treated by various Fertility centers in Delhi.

Most of the people live in misconception that a woman can only be infertile, but the fact is even men can be infertile. Men who are 50% responsible for birth of child can also be infertile in various cases. Hence, people must stop blaming women for not having a child and both the couple must get their fertility examined. Fertility centers in Delhi perform fertility evaluation of both partners to determine who is infertile and offer proper treatment for the diagnosis. The evaluation takes place in three stages which include physical exam, medical exam and sexual history.

Male infertility may be found due to problem called varicocele, which results in the enlargement of the veins on the man’s testicles resulting in heating them up and affect the number or shape of sperm. Some of the men have zero sperm count which also makes them infertile. Movement of the sperm which may also be distorted due to damage or injury on the reproductive organ can also be one of the reasons of infertility in males. For checking the infertility in men, they undergo semen analysis in which sperm numbers as well as their movements are evaluated. Blood test may also be taken to analyze testosterone or other male hormones.

Infertility in women may be due to various causes like destruction of fallopian tube, due to which the contact between egg and sperm to develop fails. Hormonal imbalance may cause problems in ovulation. However, there is no straightjacket formula for determining the causes of infertility study shows that around 20% of couple have undetermined reason for infertility. For women the doctor first sees that whether she is ovulating or not. For examining the fertility of women, blood test of the women is examined and ultrasound examination of ovaries is also held.

Irregular menstrual cycles can also raise an apprehension of infertility, but it is not the only way of drawing this conclusion. Ovulation is very important for women to get pregnant. In many cases, female infertility treatment with process of inducing or regulating ovulation. For this purpose natural hormones like follicle stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormones are given to the woman. These hormones are given very carefully after considering age, health, daily habits of the woman etc. Infertility can be either treated or a couple can also go for surrogacy or IVF.

IVF India – Unique solution to infertility

IVF, the sure shot of getting pregnant is also, offered in India. There is no medical risk involved in this treatment if it is done properly. The myths of getting fat or having breast cancer are completely false as the injections injected in IVF process are of natural hormones, which help rescue the died eggs. They get excreted through urine and do not stay longer in the body. One must adopt this IVF treatment offered in India with free will, realistic approach and after a proper counseling. IVF counseling is very important and provides a helping hand to couple in deciding whether they want or don’t want to undergo this cycle. People who yearn for a child can consult IVF specialist Dr Rita Bakshi, who with her years of experience and friendly counseling will make patient comfortable as well as keeps all pros and cons of the treatment in front of the couple.