Monday, 15 October 2012

Natural way to Boost Ovulation

Infertility & Natural way to Boost Ovulation

If the recent news regarding the findings on infertility has some indication, most women struggling to get pregnant can conceive naturally, if they adhere to some simple procedures. This is all the more beneficial also because an organic way to pregnancy is always superior to the one which involves prescription drugs. It is evident that doctors may also ask women to go through series of IVF / IUI procedures. An eye-opening revelation in this regard states how couples are tempted to consume fertility drugs well ahead of time, i.e. at a premature stage. All that these findings and specialist pointers summarize is, far from the medicated methods, women can conceive by adopting natural and proven methods.

We at International Fertility Centre (IFC) inspire women to stay as natural as they can and provide lots of insight to provoke them. Knowhow mentioned below highlights some eating habits and exercises which we have successfully experimented with many women and helped them conceive.

What to eat and what not!

End of the day, consumption of the right food and ensuring a proper intake has much to do with enhancing fertility. If you are a woman desirous to get pregnant, it is worth knowing that a balanced diet not just nourishes the reproductive system but also regulates the hormones. Further, weight is not much of a reason to worry when you eat right!

Certain minerals and vitamins must vitally include in your regular diet.

  • Zinc is responsible for the level of testosterone and semen in your body. Hence, it has special stress to incorporate in your diet.
  • So as to ovulate, any sort of stress over the reproductive organs and eggs must be avoided. Also, the sperm motility must be high. You must consume Vitamin C and antioxidants to achieve this.
  • It should be surplus beneficial if your hubby regularly intakes Vitamin D and calcium. This is meant to increase the male fertility.

Certain consumptions in diet are a hurdle in the way of getting pregnant and must be avoided.

  • Caffeine identically damages male and female fertility. And it does not need any mention that caffeine exists in range of eatables including tea, coffee, chocolate, cola, etc. Every cup of coffee you consume slashes down the chance of conceiving. So beware!
  • You as a couple must decide not to consume alcohol, if else you want to be a parent. Alcohol consuming individuals are apt to reduce their sperm counts.
  • Your hormonal level is challenged when you intake foods which are Xenoestrongens rich. These are a regular ingredient in chemicals and pesticides.

Help from exercising

Nothing can be better than having an exercise schedule if you want to trigger the possibility of conceiving.

  • Light aerobic exercises are conducive to fertility and also to recover from infertility. You may take up frisk walking, bicycling or swimming.
  • Yoga is anytime the most naturopathic way to boost ovulation possibility.

When you have that perfect combination of the right food consumption and workouts, you head on to ovulate and can optimistically hope for the ‘good news’. Dr. Rita Bakshi, the specialist gynecologist at IFC has numerous incidents to prove how this combo changed the fate of many couples!

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