Friday, 31 October 2014

Myth Debunked: Is IVF Causing Infertility in Women?

There is no dearth of myths surrounding fertility and its complicated relationship with women. One disturbing myth even went to the extent of associating IVF with cancer.  But, some recent studies have thankfully debunked this myth. These studies were disclosed at American Society for Reproductive Medicine 2014 Annual Meeting.

These studies take in to account an impressive number of patients.  These women were undergoing IVF treatment and showed no sign of cancer of any sort.  However, the study did not take into account the long-term effects of the In Vitro Fertilization treatment.  

But, researchers in Denmark have solved this problem.  The OMEGA studied a large base of women for approximately 17 years. Among them, around 19,000 went through fertility treatment and the remaining 6000 did not go through any form of such treatment.  The median age of the women was 50 years. The study did not found any relation between IVF treatment and cancer.
A similar study in USA studied women in New York and Texas also affirmed that IVF treatment and cancer is not related. In the study, the duration of the study is only three years.

So, it can be concluded that the studies are reassuring. IVF is a safe practice and childless women can greatly benefit from it.