Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Dealing with Infertility

Dealing with Infertility

Dealing with infertility is really not a simple thing and requires tremendous courage and positive attitude. Researchers have sufficient evidence to prove that the mental pressure and trauma that women face because of this is equivalent to trauma faced due to long-term illness. People also have an opinion that  things like stress and anxiety contributes a lot to infertility hence must be avoided completely. It is really easy to say, but very difficult to implement. Mental state of a couple desperately trying for a baby undergoes extreme state of anguish, frustration, sorrow and grief. There are cases of ultimate depression where both of them feel like there will be no dawn of hope and happiness in their life and the situation would never change. It is quite normal, because of the long and complicated process of medication and pregnancy attempts and failures. Therefore, it is all the more important to keep the morale levels boosted and the energy levels high. The mixed bag of sentiments have to be controlled with a constant self-instruction regarding success of the infertility treatment!

Dealing with infertility becomes further complicated with the strain in relationship between the couple. Both partners must keep the relations absolutely tuned and no internal conflicts or friction should arise. This is the time of providing complete physical, mental and emotional support to each other. For male partner, the responsibility gets further increased because female partner has to undergo a lot of physical pain and suffering. Treatment process has multiple cycles of IVF pregnancy, various tests and procedures that cause tremendous pressure on the female. She has to be understood with sympathy and emotional way to avoid mental trauma. Training and application of certain mental and psychological techniques might help a lot.

1. Release the emotions: The state of infertility leads to huge amount of mental pressures and the situation would become explosive if these emotions do not get released. Vent it out properly to feel relaxed and calm. Find activities that would bring the tension out. Join Yoga and meditation, engage in social activities, get involved in cultural activities, be part of the literature group or indulge in your favorite hobby.
2. Form support groups: It is very much important to form a support group. There is no problem in the world you alone are facing. Try to get in touch with people facing the trauma of infertility. Exchange thoughts, ideas, emotions and treatment processes with each other and get relief from the feeling of deprivation.
3. Keep communication channels open: It is extremely important to open all your communication channels open not only with the partner, but with the support group and the counselor as well. Discussing problems, fears and anxieties openly helps a lot in resolving them effectively.
4. Believe the treatment: the process of curing infertility is very long and complex and there might be various occasions when you stop believing on the effectiveness of the same. Overcome with this mental state as early as possible and start believing about the effectiveness and positive results of the treatment. Get engaged with conversations of 'successful' couples that have got results. This would bring extreme positivity!

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