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Facts About Egg Donation

5 interesting facts about egg donation

Egg donation is one of the various types of infertility treatment for the couples that are trying hard to conceive. The clinics like International Fertility Centre get thousands of cases every year with this problem and many cases; the pregnancy is not possible due to ovulation related problems. Dr. Rita Bakshi and her expert team analyse the case and then suggest appropriate solution. There are various myths and contradictions regarding eggdonation process that keep the people confused. There are some interesting facts about this incredible process that might amuse you!

  1. Open egg donation is an overwhelming experience to have: There are three options of egg donation. Closed donation where intended parents and the donor woman do not have any interaction. In the option of semi open egg donation, they can have an interaction without knowing the personal details. The profile details of both parties would be known to each other, but personal information like name, contact details and face would be still unknown. The third option of open egg donation provides complete interaction with each other. Generally this option is preferred when egg donor is known to the intended couple, but there are cases when unknown donors also ready to do egg donation with open process. The experience is simply overwhelming if both parties go for. The feeling of bringing happiness in the life of childless couple for the donor and the feeling of gratitude and thankfulness in the intended couple is incredible to experience.
  2. Egg donation does not require hospitalization: Although the process of egg donation seems to be extremely complicated and it is certainly for doctors at infertility clinic like International Fertility Centre. They have to work very closely and carefully to decide the steps and landmark of the entire process. However, for you as an egg donor it is surely a simple process and believe it or not, it does not require hospitalization as well. Doctors would definitely call you multiple times for different tests and investigation, but these will not take more than half a day. The main process of extracting the eggs will take maximum one day, from morning to evening. In very rare scenario, donor woman has to stay in the hospital in case anything abnormal is observed during the process.
  3. One egg donation might result in multiple babies: It is perhaps the most astonishing fact about egg donation, but it is 100% correct. There is a fundamental reason for it. In the natural process of ovulation, there is only one egg that gets released every month. Since egg donation is a complicated medical procedure that works on the artificial extraction of eggs, expert doctors try to get multiple eggs released so that they can be retrieved in one round. Assisted Reproduction Treatment might require multiple iterations since success may not get achieved in the first attempt. It is not feasible to call the egg donor every time since extraction of egg is not an easy task. Therefore, multiple eggs are taken in one attempt and kept preserved. Also, while fertilization doctors will prepare multiple embryos and the best two or three are implanted. There are cases where all these implants survive and multiple babies are possible from one egg donation. There are cases where the implants are not able to survive and doctors have to terminate the pregnancy. There is no need to repeat the entire process again since the eggs are readily available for fertilization. Donor woman is completely aware of this and she provides consent for the same.
  4. Intended parents are the legitimate parents of the baby: ART process involves the fertilization of the eggs taken from a donor woman and sperms provided by the legitimate father. Of course the fertilization takes place in the laboratory and no physical connection takes place. On all theoretical grounds, the donor and intended father are genetic parents of the baby. However, practically and as decided earlier in the form of a legal contract the intended couple have all the rights towards the baby and they are the legitimate parents. Donor mother can't produce any claim regarding the possession in future and the egg donation is a purely compensation based transaction. Most couples therefore choose to go for close egg donation process where there is no interaction with the egg donor at all. This saves from unpleasant situation in the future. Legal formalities are taken care of the infertility clinics with the help of legal advisors.
  5. Egg donors are picked with a selection procedure: There are various infertility clinics like International Fertility Centre are working towards the treatment and solution of infertility problem. Egg donation is one of the various alternatives that can help for childless couples in achieving pregnancy. There are various women that want to help by donating their eggs for such couples that can't become parents due to ovulation problems. For this donor woman has to register with a certified infertility clinic. Clinics have very stringent norms like age, physical and mental health, clean history of drug abuse, sexually transmitted diseases and HIV, etc. The screening and checking process will filter the invalid candidates and only the best fit are selected. When a couple is suggested for egg donation, clinics match the characteristics of both parties and then select a donor woman that matches perfectly. The obvious logic behind is the genetic connection of the donor woman and the baby. However, the baby should match with the intended parents as well and therefore the match plays a critical step in the whole process. It is not a random process where any woman can be selected.

The process of egg donation is one of the key elements in the field of infertility and every year there is an increase in the number of cases selecting this option for pregnancy. Although it is not a generic solution and it is suggested in a particular type ofinfertility, but surely the popularity is increasing. Dr. Rita Bakshi of International Fertility Clinic refers it as a 'great solution for childless couple and a wonderful example of mutual coordination and basic instinct of helping others'. According to her, the contribution of donor is more creditable since she comes forward with a willingness and sympathetic attitude towards people that are not able to conceive.

Women with a great sense of social responsibility, willingness, strong mental and physical ability and positive attitude can become egg donor and actually help the society. They can become instrumental in resolving the problem of infertility to a great extent.  It is not very complicated process, but due to less awareness people are not ready to come forward for this noble cause.

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