Friday, 26 October 2012

Infertility Specialists

When to see Infertility specialists?

Couples that do not want any pregnancy adopt some or the other protective method to avoid pregnancy. If there are at all any issues related to infertility, they get hidden under the carpet. The couple decides to go for pregnancy and start efforts by unprotected sexual relations. If the success not achieved after few months, then there is surely a need to consult doctors. According to the famous infertility expert Dr. Rita Bakshi, any case of more than six to nine months of unprotected sex not resulting in pregnancy must be reported to the experts. There are fair chances that the couple is victim of some or the other problem of infertility that is causing hurdle in conception.

Why there is a need to consult experts?

Pregnancy is certainly one of the biggest life-changing experiences and therefore couples are eager to achieve it as early as possible. If breakthrough doesn't come even after few months, the level of frustration, anxiety and discomfort starts. There are various social and emotional problems start emerging. There is no point in waiting infinite time in the anticipation of success. The need of the hour is to consult an experienced doctor like Dr. Rita Bakshi of International Fertility Centre. With the thorough knowledge of the subject, experience of handling wide variety of cases and command over various modern reproductive technique doctors would treat the exact cause. Clinics also play a critical role because technology has a great involvement in the treatment. Clinics like IFC are well equipped with laboratory, pathology, operation theatre and other facilities to bring everything at one place.

What is the right time to see the expert?

As stated earlier, couples should not try to avoid or deny the problem of infertility. If they really feel a strong need to extend the family and not getting success after repeated efforts, better consult a doctor. Sometimes there is no problem at all, just pregnancy is taking its own sweet time. However, one should not always assume that because the real situation can be known after investigation by specialists. Any abnormal situation like change or irregularity of menstrual cycle, abnormal increase or decrease in bleeding, sudden increase or reduction in weight are clear symptoms of problem and need immediate consultation.

Male infertility is further intricate and difficult to identify. Except known problems like deformity in reproductive organs, it is impossible to detect without medical investigation. Visit some infertility clinic like International Fertility Centre to assess the problem most accurately and thoroughly. Remember, early detection of the problem would always increase the chances of pregnancy. Infertility treatments usually go very long, sometimes few years and therefore, age of the patients plays a crucial role.

How specialists help?

Doctors that treat infertility have experience and knowledge base of handling similar cases in the past. Going to the root cause becomes extremely easy for them on the basis of symptoms. The modern technology and machines have an added help to diagnose the problem. They plan, discuss and suggest the best possible treatment to resolve the problem of infertility.


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