Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Important to Treat Infertility Early

Why it is important to treat infertility early?

The most important thing in life for women is to get pregnant. The ultimate feeling of being a mother after nine and half month’s gestation period and painful delivery process is just beyond explanation. However, not all women are so fortunate and there are millions females who have been deprived of this great experience due to infertility. Technically speaking, infertility is a condition of human reproductive system where a woman is not able to conceive in spite of frequent unprotected intercourse multiple times. The cases where female are less than 35 years of age suffering from multiple miscarriages is also termed as infertility. It is undoubtedly a medical problem and both males and females have equal contribution of 30% individually for it. In the rest of the 40% cases, either both parents are responsible for infertility or the exact reason of infertility is unknown. Whatever might be the reason of infertility, it is surely a traumatic mental and physical condition for the couple and the repetitive treatment cycles, trial and errors make the life difficult.

There are multiple contributing factors to the infertility like age, weight, venereal deceases, exposure to toxic or radioactive substances, smoking, drinking or heredity. It is absolutely important to diagnose infertility as early as possible. Just like any other chronic medical condition, infertility also become tougher to cure as time passes. There are various techniques available to cure infertility, but all these techniques help more if infertility gets diagnosed at early stage. The fundamental reasons of treatment being more effective in case of early investigation are:

a) Better response to treatment: As we grow old, body response to any medical treatment becomes slower. This is due to ageing process, hormonal levels of the body, overall strength and robustness of the body, resistance power, etc. Treatment of infertility is a long, time taking and complicated process with multiple iterations. Therefore, it is more important to start it as early as possible. Body has better strength and mind has more willingness to undergo the treatment.

b) Hormonal level and body chemistry: The process of pregnancy is very complicated and it relies largely on multiple hormone secretion and the delicate balance of these hormones to regulate the conception. Early detection of infertility leads to early start of the treatment and it increases effect of the treatment on female (or male as the case may be) body and multiplies the chances of the women getting pregnant.

c) Human fertility levels and their correlation with age: Medical research gives a clear-cut correlation between fertility levels and age in the human body. Early detection of infertility would give better chance to start treatment with higher support from body and thereby increase the chance of success.

d) Resistance power and ability to sustain through treatment: The processes of infertility treatment are 
time-consuming, repetitive and require multiple attempts. Early age would help with better resistance power and sustainability to enhance the probability of success multiple times.

e) Cure of other causes is easier at early stage: Infertility has a significant relation with Sexually Transmitted Deceases or Venereal Deceases. Early detection of these problems would increase the chances of cure and drastically enhance the chances of success in getting pregnant.

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