Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Surrogacy - The Miracle

Surrogacy, the miracle of medical science

Last 20 years have seen a revolutionary change in the medical science and almost all the branches are now well equipped with excellent treatment methods and extremely accurate equipment. Reproduction system related ailments are also not an exception to this. Nowadays many complex problems that were totally incurable in the yesteryear are completely curable and recoverable. According to expert Dr. Rita Bakshi, there has been an increase in the awareness and information level of the couples. Problems related to human infertility are reported to the doctors at pretty early stage and that helps a lot in resolving the issue. Though it is a complex subject and every case of infertility has a different facet and uniqueness, but clinics like International Fertility Centre are able to handle every case thoroughly. There are various methods of diagnosis and treatment. It depends on the type of infertility and the technical know-how of the team of doctors what method to select.

When surrogacy is the only option?

Doctors encounter various complexities while treating infertility. The F.I.R. or First Information Report of infertility by the childless couple throws no light on the problem. The fundamental symptom reported is the inability to conceive after a few months of regular try. This is like tip of the iceberg where actual size can't be determined by looking at the tip. The apparently small or simple problem can have a deep-rooted complex cause behind it. Detailed investigation reveals the actual problem and there are cases where surrogacy is the only option. Doctors suggest going for surrogate pregnancy if

  1. The female partner has problems in carrying out the pregnancy list polycystic syndrome.
  2. There are genetic disorders with a potential risk of getting transmitted to the baby
  3. Slip disk or backbone related problems
  4. Neurological problems

In such cases since the mother is capable of producing healthy matured eggs and the male partner is also capable of providing sperms for fertilization. Therefore, the best alternative is an IVF (In vitro fertilization) and transplant of the embryo in the womb of a surrogate mother. The complete pregnancy and childbirth process would be carried out by the surrogate mother and the baby would be handed-over to the intended parents according to a contractual agreement.

What all involved in surrogate pregnancy?

Once the decision is taken unanimously to go for the surrogacy option, clinics start searching for a suitable surrogate. There are many got registered in the infertility clinic and the best one is select according to the intended parent's choice. Legal experts prepare a well-articulated contract and both parties agree on the process, remuneration and handover terms and conditions. Medical procedure is not very complex, except the task of matching the ovulation cycle of the intended and surrogate mother. Once it is matched, matured egg is extracted and fertilized with the sperm of the intended father. Meanwhile the surrogate mother's womb is kept ready for the embryo transplantation. The transplant takes place after an observation of two to three days in the laboratory. After a week or so, the pregnancy is confirmed and the surrogate mother carries it for the next nine months. Intended couples may go back to their respective place. It is now infertility clinic's responsibility to ensure about caring and monitoring of the surrogate mother. Normally many surrogate women live together at a commonplace and it has distinct advantage. It creates a solid support group and the surrogate women do not feel lonely and discarded. Health care, vaccination and diet can be managed very well by the clinic.

What does surrogate mother get in return?

Surrogate mother gets much more in return apart from the monetary compensation. Infertility clinics like IFC work on very closely towards the benefit of both parties and ensure that none gets exploited. Typically the benefits received by the surrogate mother are:

  1. Good compensation in the form of lump-sum amount that is paid one time.
  2. Insurance coverage to the surrogate mother
  3. Counselling, awareness workshops and classroom training to explain the process of surrogacy
  4. Personality development and motivational workshops
  5. Support in getting admission of surrogate children in good quality schools
  6. Facilities of common residence for surrogate mothers with the best of living conditions
  7. Free medical care and regular follow-up/ monitoring of the overall development
  8. Vaccination and dietary care

Surrogate mothers have a great experience during the pregnancy and they feel a complete transformation and increased confidence level in their personality.

Role and responsibility of the infertility clinic

Infertility clinics play a vital role in the entire process and as Dr. Rita Bakshi calls it, they are the major stakeholders. Infertility clinics coordinate with the surrogate mothers, intended parents, legal and social experts and other agencies to carry out the process amicably. The contractual agreement between the two parties is facilitated by the clinic and at the same time surrogate mother is informed clearly about the legitimacy of the intended parents so that there is no conflict at the end. They also offer surrogate home that is the commonplace where surrogate mothers stay during the pregnancy. Clinics assure good quality accommodation, food, recreation and medication facilities. Total personality transformation is looked into by virtue of counselling, meditation, personality development and other sessions. The goal is to develop an unaware and uneducated woman into a well-groomed and developed female.

Infertility clinics like International Fertility Centre has tie-up with insurance agencies to provide proper medical insurance to the surrogate woman. The family of surrogate mother is also covered with an extra premium so that she can get coverage for her own family as well. Ensuring safe pregnancy, successful delivery and smooth handover of the baby to the intended parents is the prime agenda of the infertility clinic.

The right of motherhood is every woman's fundamental right especially if she is capable of contributing in the fertilization process. The incapability of bearing the child for nine months should not be a hindrance in enjoying this ultimate pleasure of life. The advance medical science has given this opportunity to such couples and now they can very well enjoy the parenthood using the surrogate pregnancy method. It is required to contact proper infertility clinic like IFC that works on complete ethical and legal guidelines and the modus-operandi is absolutely transparent. An expert like Dr. Rita Bakshi makes the dream possible with their vast knowledge and expertise in the subject. It is a true win-win situation where both the intended parents and the surrogate mother get benefited. Surrogate mother is able to enhance the standard of living standard for her own family and the intended couples get the gift of a cute baby that otherwise won't have been possible at all.

Monday, 26 November 2012

Fundamental Treatments of Infertility

Five fundamental treatments of infertility

It is decided by the doctors what treatment is required to cure infertility problem reported by the childless couple. A good infertility clinic like International Fertility Centre has all state-of-the-art facilities to diagnose it. Dr. Rita Bakshi, the world famous infertility experts of IFC says that treating infertility highly depends on the accuracy of the diagnosis. The childless couple has to follow the instructions religiously and support the expert doctors completely during the treatment. Blood test, ultrasound tests and physical check-up would take the doctors up to the root cause of infertility. Male and female infertility has different levels of complexity and there is a basic difference in the treatment methodology.

Ovulation induction: The process of ovulation has to be absolutely regular and if it is irregular, then pregnancy becomes impossible. Doctors treat this by using specific drugs in the form of tablets or injections that induce ovulation. Oral drugs increase the release of the hormones while hormone injections stimulate the ovaries to release more eggs. There are minor side-effects that can be managed by the expert doctors very well.

Surgery: The physiological problems like blocked fallopian tubes in the female or blocked channel to carry sperms up to the penis can cause infertility in the females and males. Surgery is the only alternative that will solve the problem completely.

IVF: In Vitro Fertilization or IVF is an effective treatment of infertility when the root-cause has been identified as ovulation problem in females or poor quality of sperms in the male. Natural pregnancy becomes impossible and doctors have to go for external fertilization in the laboratory. Matured egg and healthiest of the sperms are taken from the childless couple and the embryo is implanted again in the uterus of the intended mother.

Surrogacy: There are cases where pregnancy is not possible in the intended mother because the uterus does not have supporting environment for successful pregnancy. In some patients, pregnancy is avoided because of some genetic disorders. Surrogate mothers come as a rescue for the childless couple. Surrogate mother carries the pregnancy and gives birth to the baby that is handed over to the intended couple.

Egg donation: Fundamental problems of ovulation that could not be corrected by any other treatment has egg donation as the only option. Egg donor woman provides healthy matured egg that is fertilized externally using the sperm of intended father. The embryo is implanted in the uterus of the intended mother and successful pregnancy occurs.

Being childless is not absolutely incurable nowadays and with the help of the great advancement in the medical science doctors are able to treat it successfully. Although the treatment takes more time and there are various ups and downs in the complete process, but the childless couple and doctors can beat the problem with joint efforts. These five fundamental treatments are the most common one. There are various other methods as well that will be selected according to the type of infertility. Childless couples can enjoy the experience of parenthood and there is a happy ending to a long and painful stint of infertility.

Friday, 23 November 2012

Surrogacy Option For The Couples

Surrogacy option for the couples deprived of parenthood

The desire to have a child is one of the most primitive deeds of human being. However, times have changed and with the increasing pressures of materialistic pleasures and importance of money, people are delaying the decision of extending the family. There are many couples that make the decision of DINK (Double Income No Kids) until they achieve a certain level of financial and professional security. The problems related to reproductive system do not get exposed until they become serious about having a child. There are many variations of problems and Doctors have to really work hard in terms of diagnosing and providing the correct treatment for the problem. The journey of this treatment is very long, involves great degree of patience and has many ups and downs that need to be faced with courage and positive attitude by the couple. India is becoming one of the largest centres of surrogacy due to flexible rules and regulations, easy availability of surrogate mothers, cheaper cost and the best medical facilities and attraction of the tourist spots.


The first encounter with infertility problem

Couples usually take a long time to even discover that they are facing problem of infertility. There has been a trend of delaying the first pregnancy by couples that are working. Lack of time, career aspirations, workplace at different location or self initiated family planning methods are the reasons behind this.  The problem of infertility gets masked under these circumstances and gets surfaced when they try for the pregnancy and even after six months to one year there is no success. The detailed investigation reveals that there is some or the other problem in either of the partners and in some cases in both partners.

The first encounter with infertility problem is certainly very painful and devastating experience for both and they feel as if there is completely gloomy and sad future ahead. The feeling of spending the entire life without kids jeopardises the motivation and joy of life. Doctors like Dr. Rita Bakshi comes forward to help and support the childless couple by explaining the root cause, treatment possibilities and history of successful cases. 

The mental trauma due to infertility is very difficult to bear and the immediate reaction is denial of the fact. Couples are not ready to believe that they are suffering from the problem of infertility and the doctors have to take efforts to convince and counsel the couple.


The modus-operandi 

The process of surrogacy starts much before when it is suggested to the childless couples. Actually, infertility clinics like IFC are always in search of women that are ready for surrogate pregnancy. The females have to get registered with the infertility clinic and they have to complete many legal and medical procedures. Complete health check-up and investigation is done and it is ensured that the woman is completely fit and healthy. Legal formalities like signing a contract with infertility clinic, non-disclosure agreement and other formalities are completed.
  • When a childless couple is suggested for surrogate pregnancy or in the case where couples from the other countries approach to the clinic for hiring a surrogate woman, clinics search their database and selects a few best suitable surrogate mothers. The couple and doctors have a meeting and select the best one according to the choice of intended parents.
  • There is a contract signed among all three parties and each and every aspect like remuneration, legitimacy of the parenthood, and hand over process of the baby, insurance and financial security to the surrogate mother, shelter, food and medical facilities for the surrogate mother, etc. are well articulated in the contract document.
  • The medical process starts by matching the ovulation cycle of the surrogate and intended mother using hormone controlling drugs.
  • Matured eggs and sperms are taken from the intended parents and fertilized in the laboratory. The uterus of the surrogate mother is kept ready for implantation of the fertilized embryo. After two to three days of observation, the embryo is implanted in the womb of the surrogate mother.
  • There is complete care taken regarding the medication, mental and physical health, food, better living condition and counselling and development of the surrogate mothers during the pregnancy.
  • Infertility clinics like IFC work on the overall development of the surrogate mother to transform her into a well-aware and matured woman. Family of the surrogate woman is also benefited with monetary reward, education and insurance.

Benefits of surrogacy option
The option of surrogacy is actually a win-win situation for both parties. Surrogate mother and her family get handsome remuneration to enhance standard of living and the couple gets blessed with a baby. India is becoming a distinct place for surrogacy across the globe and for the intended couples of Europe, America and other continents; it is the best opportunity to enjoy rich cultural heritage and exotic tourist places and the low cost surrogate pregnancy as compared to their native countries. However, infertility clinics like International Fertility Centre work in a dedicated manner and sincerely towards welfare of the surrogate mother and ensure that there is absolutely no exploitation at any stage. Not only the surrogate mother, but the interests of intended couples are also taken care of.

The option of surrogacy is suggested when the couples are able to produce healthy eggs and sperms, but the internal problems of the female reproduction system do not allow successful pregnancy to happen. This option is selected in order to have a baby that is 100% genetically connected to the parents. Intended couple gets the mental and emotional relief of having their 'own' child and the surrogate mother gets monetary benefit to help her 'own' kids and family. 

India is becoming an international hub for surrogacy and the increase in the number of infertility clinics is one of the evidence of that. Dr. Rita Bakshi of International Fertility Centre, New Delhi terms it as a 'positive sign for our country' because it is indirectly helping increase the social and economical status of the country. However, she underlines the importance of fair practices and code of conduct for surrogate pregnancy and other infertility treatments. Government is also aware of this fact and therefore, stringent guidelines have been given for surrogacy. An infertility clinic like IFC takes the help of legal and social experts to explain the intricate points of the process so that there is complete transparency and clarity. There is no doubt that surrogate pregnancy has become a blessing for thousands of childless couples that had left the hopes of becoming parents. The medical science has brought a new dawn of parenthood in their life.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Infertility is Fully Beatable

Infertility is fully beatable

Infertility is a common problem across the globe and whatever may be the country, culture or society there are the same implications and impact of it. Couples face mental pressure and uncomfortable questions from peer group, friends, relatives and others. While the problem might look larger than life, the reality is absolutely different. Infertility is a medical problem and there are definitely solutions for it. Advancement in the diagnostic methods, treatment and latest medicines have made it absolutely curable. Expert doctors like Dr. Rita Bakshi of International Fertility Centre, one of the most advanced clinics in India have successfully cured thousands of such cases and brought smiles on the faces of unfortunate childless couples. Infertility is 100% beatable, but the only thing required is dedication, seriousness, sincerity and expert treatment!  

Signs of infertility

In the medical terminology, infertility is a situation when a couple is not able to conceive even after having unprotected sex for more than six months to one year. The case has to be diagnosed thoroughly and the exact root cause should be identified. There are various aspects of infertility and each has to be treated differently.

a) Male infertility: Around one third of the infertility cases are contributed by the male partner. Unfortunately, male infertility is very difficult to diagnose and there are many cases where exact cause of infertility is found after a deep diving into the problem. Sometimes there are physiological problems with the male reproduction system. In some cases the sperm count and sperm strength is very less and fertilization becomes impossible. In very rare cases, there are antibodies produced in the male body that kills or weakens the sperms thereby reducing the chances of fertilization.

b) Female infertility: It contributes to the majority of infertility cases, but the diagnosis and treatment are relatively easy. In many cases the female is incapable of releasing matured egg. In some cases, there is transportation problem of the matured egg from the ovaries to the uterus. Some females have cysts or fibroids in the uterus that makes the internal condition unfavourable for the pregnancy. In some cases, the female reproduction system has some structural defects that prevent the pregnancy


Doctors have to choose separate path for every case of infertility. The most important aspect is diagnosing the root cause of infertility. In some cases doctors perform surgery and correct the physiological problem in male or female. It increases the chances of successful pregnancy. In case of hormonal problems, corrective medicines are given to make the hormonal balance proper. In cases where female is unable to conceive due to problems of ovaries or uterus, doctors suggest surrogacy or egg donation. It all depends on the type and fundamental reason of infertility.

Infertility is beatable if the reason behind it gets revealed quickly.  An infertility clinic like International Fertility Centre and specialist doctors like Dr. Rita Bakshi gives their dedicated support and helps to the childless couples. They have a history of many successful cases and they can suggest the best way to beat infertility completely.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Overcome Infertility

Top 3 lifestyle changes to overcome infertility

There are various aspects of infertility problem and there are various factors that impact it. Researchers have evidence that food habits, lifestyle, living standard and even lack of exercise also impact it up to a great extent. It seems to be a valid point because infertility is a state of our body and therefore must be getting influenced by all these factors. Just like our body weight, physique and the overall health get influenced by these factors.

The long-term effects of improper diet, hormonal medicines taken for managing body weight, consumption of tobacco and alcohol surely impact the fertility adversely. Specialists like Dr. Rita Bakshi of International Fertility Centre term these things as 'the most damaging factors'. Exercise is an important and integral part of our life and we have been facing various physical problems due to absence of this fundamental element from our life. The malfunctioning of all the systems in our body are related some way or the other with it and reproduction system is also not an exception.

  1. Say NO to tobacco and liquor:  Scientists have clear facts and figures regarding the relationship of tobacco, liquor and infertility. There is a misconception regarding the capability of these two elements to increase sexual ability, but reality is absolutely reverse. The toxic elements in alcohol and tobacco have very serious impact on the sperm production, sperm quality and quantity, ovulation process and quality of eggs and overall sex life. Quitting harmful elements is the only option to help infertility.
  2.  Have a sound sleep: There have been studies that clearly show the correlation of lack of sound sleep and infertility. So you must be aware in case you are a frequent party animal. To be awake late night for a long time makes fundamental changes in the hormone levels thereby increasing the chances of infertility. Scientists say that people having inadequate sleep for a longer time face various health related problems, including low fertility rates. It affects the hormonal balance in the body that is one of the major cause for infertility.
  3. Correct the food habits: Although food habits do not have a direct connection with infertility, but certainly with obesity. Fast food, food that is rich in fats and carbohydrates, salt and sugar will increase the weight rapidly. As the body weight gets increased, it affects the reproductive system adversely. According to experts like Dr. Rita Bakshi of International Fertility Centre it is always recommended to have body weight in control, not only for enhancing the fertility level, but for the overall fitness.

Keep all the above points in mind, especially if you are already facing the problem of infertility. It is a fact that making necessary changes in the lifestyle will increase the overall health, enhance the sperm count and quality, correct the ovulation process, and maintain blood sugar levels and weight thereby improving the overall health condition. Getting rid of bad habits like smoking, drinking, late night parties and over exertion will improve the body fitness. You can feel improvement in the stamina, sound sleep and better mind and body state.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Couples go for Egg Donation

Why couples go for egg donation?

The need to go for infertility treatment gets arise when a couple is unable to succeed in pregnancy after taking efforts for a longer time. Unprotected physical relations for more than six to nine months must turn into a successful pregnancy and if this does not occur, it triggers the alarm. Infertility clinics like International Fertility Centre has state-of-the-art diagnostic facilities to find out the root cause. Treatment methodology is different in every infertility case and the same is suggested according to the type of infertility. Dr. Rita Bakshi the leading infertility specialists at IFC, treats every patient individually. Personalized treatment is provided to every patient and individual case-study is kept in mind while suggesting the right alternative.

Every couple goes from the same state of mind where complete uncertainty, sorrow and frustration that takes the energy and enthusiasm of life. It is therefore, required to have the right doctor with a right attitude. Vast experience of handling a variety of the cases, positive attitude and high positive energy, motivating and encouraging attitude increases the probability of coming off with flying colours!

Revealing the bitter truth

Couples go to take expert advice after unsuccessful efforts of getting pregnant and the first step is to diagnose the problem. A doctor like Dr. Rita Bakshi follows the structured and systematic approach of eliminating the probable cause one by one. There are various tools and techniques are used, e.g. physical examination, blood sample testing, ultrasound and x-ray tests, etc. Clinics like IFC have all types of machines and instruments, well supported by a team of expert technicians that are capable of diagnosing the root cause precisely.

The first information about infertility is a terrible experience for the childless couple. The truth is much hard to digest and they are not able to accept the reality. Leading infertility specialist Dr. Rita Bakshi of IFC terms it as 'the most critical moment'.
However, after the first shock is over the intended couple understands that it is a medical problem and can be resolved with medical aid. Doctors need to further investigate and find out the root cause so that exact solution can be planned.

It is extremely important to give a mental and emotional support to the childless couple after revealing the truth of infertility. This task is performed very well by the doctors treating infertility. They explain the root cause and all probable remedies to overcome infertility. Couples feel much relaxed and relieved after the counselling done by doctors and get prepared for the further treatment.

The options

  1. There are various types of infertility and treatment varies accordingly. Doctors are the best judge and they decide what to opt and when?
  2. Surgery: This option is chosen when there is physiological problem in the male or female reproductive system. In case of some males, sperm are unable to travel from testicles to penis. In some females the path of ovaries to uterus is blocked and therefore matured egg can't travel to the uterus. In such cases, surgery can correct the problem.
  3. Hormonal treatment: In some cases, either or both partners develop antibodies that kill sperms or make changes in the egg due to that fertilization becomes impossible. Special drugs are injected in the blood or taken in the form of tablets to correct the problem.
  4. Surrogacy: Doctors suggest the option of surrogacy when there is pregnancy not possible in the female partner due to structural problem or incapability of the uterus. In some women, the inner lining of the uterus is very thin and fertilized egg could not get attached with it. The pregnancy gets terminated either immediately or after few months. If the same happens repeatedly, doctors suggest surrogate pregnancy since both partners are able to provide healthy eggs and sperm.

The option of egg donation

There are cases where female partner has ovulation related issues; she is unable to provide matured eggs. In this case, the uterus is capable of carrying out the pregnancy without any problem. Doctors suggest the option of egg donation in such cases where healthy and matured egg is 'borrowed' from another woman. The egg is then fertilized externally with the sperm of the male partner and embryo is transplanted in the intended mother's womb. The offspring is partially connected to the couple because only sperm is taken from the male partner.
However, couples find this type of pregnancy much comfortable as compared to the alternative of adopting a baby with no genetic relation.

Going through the process

  • Identify the donor: When the childless couple is given the option of egg-donation and they agree with it, the infertility clinic starts the work of searching the most suitable egg-donor woman. Normally, the registered egg-donors with good clinics like IFC comply with the basic norms. Intended couples have to match the physical characteristics only.
  • Select the type of egg donation: There are three types of egg donation; open, semi open and closed. In case of open egg donation both parties are well verse with each other and know all the personal and profile information. In case of semi-open egg donation both parties interact with each other without knowing the personal details. They can have interaction through mail, chat and phone. In case of closed egg donation, there is no interaction at all. The egg donor donates the eggs and her role is over.
  • The medical procedure: Once the egg donor and egg donation type is finalized, there is a contract gets signed between the three parties and the medical process starts.

  • a) There are two women involved in the process and therefore doctors need to match the egg maturity cycle of both. Although the intended mother's egg does not play any role in pregnancy, still it is required to make the internal condition of the uterus favourable for embryo transplant.
    b) Once the eggs get matured in the egg donor's ovaries, they are extracted by a small medical process. Half a day hospitalization is required and the donor woman can go home the same evening.
    c) There are multiple matured eggs get produced in the donor woman because she is given special hormonal injections. It is done so that many eggs are available for more than one attempt.
    d) External fertilization takes place in the laboratory. Male partner of the intended couple gives sperm for the same. Doctors get ready multiple embryos and select the best two or three.
    e) The embryos are implanted in the intended mother's womb. If the intended mother is less than 40 year of age, they implant two embryos. In case it is more than 40 year, then three embryos are implanted. It is done because the probability of successful pregnancy gets reduced with the age.
    f) After two to three weeks of observation the pregnancy is confirmed. Intended mother has to be under observation during the entire pregnancy.

Choosing egg donation is perhaps the best option for couple who wants to have a baby with partial genetic connection, instead of adopting a child where there is no genetic connection at all. Although the process is not very simple, but with the help of infertility experts like Dr. Rita Bakshi of International Fertility Centre, you can very well cope-up with infertility problem by going through this method. It is the combined efforts of egg- donor woman, intended couple and the doctors and team of the infertility clinic hence requires a great amount of teamwork, dedication, sincerity and technical skills.