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Become Egg Donor and Help

Become egg donor and help childless couples

Infertility is a multifaceted problem and every facet has a separate of solutions. Doctors like Dr. Rita Bakshi of International Fertility Centre works hard to understand and identify the root cause ofinfertility in a couple struggling hard to start the family and suggest the best possible treatment for them. There are specific cases of infertility where the female is not able to enjoy motherhood due her physiological problem. Inability to produce healthy eggs will make the pregnancy impossible and there is only one way to become pregnant, taking help of egg donor. An egg donor is a woman like you who has an aptitude and willingness to help a couple that is not blessed with the ability to become parent of a healthy and cute baby. 

Why should you become egg donor?

Do you have a spirit to help others? Do you feel that it is the noblest thing to help a couple in getting blessed with the ultimate joy of life? Are you willing to take a calculated risk? Do you want to be part of an overwhelming experience in the life? If all the answers are affirmative, then perhaps you are the most eligible candidate to become an egg donor. This is not an easy decision and there are very few that can do it practically. Come forward to give a helping hand to others, bring a new dawn in their life by the act of egg donation. 

Who is eligible to become egg donor?

Every infertility clinic has more or less common set of criteria, with few variations here and there. Clinics like International Fertility Centre has a detailed scrutiny and checking process to ensure genuine and good quality egg donors participate in the process. Dr. Rita Bakshi monitors it extremely carefully because according to her selecting right egg donor is one of the most critical activities. Fundamental criteria are:
  1. Your age must be in the range of 21 to 40. The age limits are decided keeping legal and medical factors in mind. Lower limit ensures there are no legal problems. Upper limit of 40 is based on the fact that quality of eggs reduced as the woman crosses this age barrier.
  2. You should be overall healthy, fit and within the accepted range of BMI (Body Mass Index) i.e., ratio of height and weight.
  3. There should not be addiction to alcohol, tobacco or any form of drugs
  4. You should be psychologically balanced and fit.
  5. You should not have genetic disorder, sexually transmitted diseases, venereal diseases and HIV.
  6. Few clinics prefer that you have at least one successful pregnancy history.
  7. You do not have any abnormalities in the reproductive system and have regular periods.


How you are matched for requirement?

Doctors at IFC work closely to match the perfect donor with the intended parents. They will check your characteristics and match the height, weight, blood group, skin colour, colours of eyes and body structure with intended parents. This is required so that genetic characters of the baby resembles as much as possible. It does not matter whether you are a 'known' or 'anonymous' donor, physical features are matched.

What is the process?

Your role as an egg donor is partial in the whole process. Intended couple would approach the clinic like IFC and you are subsequently approached by the clinic to take part in the procedure. The doctors will match your menstruation cycle and that of the intended mother so that ovulation and implantation can coincide. You will be given birth control pills and injection of hormones that controls the ovulation process. As soon as the menstrual cycle of the intended mother starts, the medication will be stopped to trigger ovulation in your body. As soon as you have matured eggs in the ovaries, intended mother is given drugs to prepare the womb for pregnancy. Matured eggs are extracted from your ovaries and externally fertilized with the sperms of the intended father. Fertilized healthy embryos are later transplanted in the womb of the intended mother. However, your role completes as soon as matured eggs are extracted from your ovaries. The procedure is a process that needs few hours and not more tans one day’s hospitalization.

Who will get benefited from you?

You can be a great help for a woman that is not able to conceive because of the problem in her ovulation system. She is not able to produce eggs at all or there might be low quality eggs that can't be fertilized to convert in an embryo. Also, there are cases where the intended mother is perfectly alright, but there is a risk of typical genetic disease getting carry forward to her natural offspring. The couple has the option of adoption in such cases, but it has inherent problems of no genetic connection with the baby. You can become part of the fertilization process by providing healthy egg so that intended father's sperm can be used to implant an embryo that has a partial genetic connection with the parents. You will become the main responsible person to bring ultimate happiness in the life of a childless couple that would have never been able to enjoy parenthood without your help.

What about your identity?

Clinics like IFC have the policy of keeping your identity strictly confidential in order to avoid problems at the later stage. In some cases, intended parents would like to know the donor and want to get convinced about your personal traits, physical characteristics and behavioural patterns. It is up to you whether you want to get connected with the intended parents or just want to help them without disclosing who you are!

Understanding the risks

Egg donation is a medical procedure and inherent risks are associated with it. However, these are not so major that will cause some unusual loss or discomfort to you. Doctors will use various hormonal drugs during the process and these may create problems like nausea, vomiting, hot flushes, tenderness in breasts, mood changes and headaches, etc. Also, during the egg donation cycle, you will be given stimulation drugs to increase production of eggs. Unprotected intercourse may result in unexpected pregnancy. To make the problem severe, there can be twins, triplets or even quadruplets because stimulants result in production of multiple eggs at a time.

Legal and other aspects

Clinics like International Fertility Centre works on the legal aspect carefully. There are legal agreements and contracts between both parties, non-disclosure agreements, compensation agreements and legal possession documents are prepared to avoid any type of conflicts later. You need not worry about and go ahead with the process.
Egg donation is surely one of the noblest causes that will help a woman to enjoy motherhood. Physical problem would be more a hindrance for her and the experience of carrying and delivering a healthy baby will be possible only because of you. This is indeed an act of extreme courage, positive attitude and spirit of helping others.

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