Sunday, 4 August 2013

Is it something like “follicles but not eggs”?

Is it something like “follicles but not eggs”?

Treating infertility is certainly very interesting. When I treat people for different types of infertility problems some questions are the most probable to be asked by my patients. These questions are normally overheard during discussions with the peer group, friends and family members. Sometimes the questions are very much logical and relevant whereas sometimes they are absolutely vague and ridiculous. They are based on half-cooked information received from the others and usually baseless and irrelevant.  However, I try to answer the questions with complete explanation so that there are no confusion and doubts in the mind of the patients.

“Follicles but not eggs”, the most common asked doubt!

Couples always ask this question to me and now I have been accustomed to the question so much that it is really something unusual for me if the infertile couple does not ask about it. It is a common misconception that there are few cases where females suffer from a peculiar problem when they have follicles inside the body, but there are no eggs! The follicles are absolutely empty and that is the reason the IVF egg retrieval done by their infertility expert has yielded fewer eggs than expected. In my opinion, there is nothing more generalization of a problem than this and doctors should actually refrain from doing this. The patients can’t perceive the things from the doctor’s perspective and they look at it from a layman’s angle. Taking the words by their direct meaning can lead to serious misinterpretations.

The myth and the reality

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