Tuesday, 6 August 2013

IVF: a journey of pleasurable ending through Painful injections

IVF:  a journey of pleasurable ending through Painful injections

What is the biggest cause of distress and anxiety while going through any of the medical procedures? If I ask this question in an open forum, then the most common is the fear of needles! Human beings have natural reluctance towards injection. Not because it hurts, but because you KNOW when it hurts! Nowadays technology and innovation in the field of medicines and medical sciences has come up with moderately painful. Still the fear associated with injections lingers in the mindset of almost all of us.

Being an infertility expert, I just can’t avoid this painful procedure. The process of IVF involves multiple occasions when I must insert painful injections in the body of my patient. I tell them to focus on the outcome rather than pain. It will give a sigh of relief because ultimately there is no gain without pain!

The painful experience of injections

As an IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) specialist pain is one of the most common worries I handle during the treatment.Almost every other patient has the same concern. While some would express it boldly, some would never let the fear come out. Every IVF patient knows that it is inevitable to have long course of injections during the IVF treatment. Though as a doctor I cannot avoid the injections, butsurely can try to make it the least painful.

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