Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Overtreating patients

Overtreating patients

Overtreating patients with low AMH level is the common mistake

Infertility treatment is like a jigsaw puzzle where one incorrect placement could result in many pieces getting place incorrectly, and the reverse is equally true. That’s the reason we infertility experts appear very busy all the time. It is not easy to arrange jigsaw puzzles, really!

 Jokes apart, but it is a fact that multiple complexity and surfeit of parameters may lead to incorrect conclusion and improper diagnosis. Overdependence on the diagnostic tools and laboratory tests has also become one of the common factors in the modern medical science. Availability of multiple tests and affordability of the patients makes it very convenient for the doctors to go for unwanted or avoidable tests. Furthermore, the situation worsens when there is treatment planned on the basis of one-sided diagnosis.

Over treating patients with low AMH level, the classic example

It is not very long time when we heard about AMH or Anti-Mullerian Hormone test, the blood test to determine ovarian reserves.  Doctors advise the test to examine the number of eggs and their quality so that better treatment can be planned. Sounds very logical, isn’t it? However, it is actually the one side of the coin. The test is indeed useful in determining the level of ovarian reserves, reading results is the tricky part of it.

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