Sunday, 18 August 2013


Vaginismus, the strange face of infertility

It is quite incredible to be an infertility expert sometimes. As you go deeper and deeper there are new discoveries about the unknown facets of the infertility problem. Although many of these facets are very rare and sometimes never encountered in a long career as well, but they are quite strange and horrifying if they appear in front of us!

There are a few problems that we study in the books and journals and even experienced doctors also never get a chance to encounter that problem. Recently I handled a case that gave me an opportunity to handle a rare problem that causes infertility in females. The couple had got married two years back and there was a huge pressure from the parents and close relatives to expand the family. The real problem was known to the couple only and now they were sitting in my cabin seeking help for a very unusual problem, “Vaginismus”!

What is it?

This is a typical condition in women when there is  reflex action in the vaginal muscles while intercourse. The reflex action closes the vaginal opening so tightly that the penetration becomes impossible. In some cases, the penetration is possible, but it is extremely painful for the woman. You can understand the gravity of the problem now. It might sound ridiculous and strange, but unfortunately it is true.  Without penetration it is impossible to conceive and there is the actual problem!

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