Thursday, 15 August 2013

Sperm testing

Sperm testing

Sperm testing, the toughest challenge of infertility treatment

Do not get mistaken by the heading! I am not talking from the technical point of view. There are many other difficult things in the process of infertility treatment.  Sperm testing is one of the easier processes in the treatment of infertility and sperm testing, on the contrary is much easier. The challenging part of the sperm testing process is the male ego and as an infertility expert I need to put a lot of energy in it.

Why there is reluctance?

Well, actually there are multiple reasons behind it and we need to understand the male psychology behind it.

(a) It is humiliating: Most men consider it absolutely humiliating. They feel that sperm testing is a direct suspicion about their masculinity. They feel that if their sexual life is normal, then there is not at all a question on their ability.
(b) It is scary: It is very strange, but most of the males are not aware about the procedure of sperm testing. They feel it is a surgical process and could harm their masculinity. That is the reason they try to avoid it.
(c) It is unnecessary: In our country, still there is very less awareness about sex education and majority of people consider childbirth as a responsibility of a woman exclusively. Therefore, they never feel a need to get the sperm tested.  They feel that there is no need to get involved into it.
(d) It reveals the truth: For some men, it is a matter of utter disappointment and frustration to know about the low sperm count or weak mobility of the sperms. They try to hide the things under the carpet and therefore never agree to perform sperm testing. The poor quality of sperm is a direct hit on their masculinity and social image.
(e) It is stressful: Males have a natural tendency to avoid medical professionals and they feel extremely stressful and distressful to visit a doctor especially for the problems like semen testing.
How to deal with the situation?

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