Sunday, 11 August 2013

Pelvic pain

Pelvic pain, the loyal companion of infertility

We can never generalize the symptoms of various problems that females face because every problem has a separate set of symptoms. It is not possible for an infertility expert like me to diagnose only on the basis of a few symptoms. It is compulsory to go for detailed examination to derive a conclusion. Infertility is a complex area and we need to look at every aspect of it before starting the treatment. People come with so many different problems, but one thing is always common among all, the pelvic pain!

Only those women who have experienced the immense sting and discomfort of the pelvic pain can tell about the severity. It is an unbearable pinch in the lower abdomen that just ruins the life completely if it remains untreated.

The faces of the monster

Pelvic pain shows its irritating presence in a wide variety of ways and the severity and intensity varies with the particular problem.

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