Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Chocolate Cysts

Chocolate Cysts, treating the bitter problem at IFC

I do not know what is the rationale behind naming endometriosis as “chocolate cyst”? Perhaps it is because of the dark brown color of the old blood that appears exactly like chocolate during the ultrasound test.  It is quite disgusting that the word like chocolate that produces absolutely happy feeling to the females is used to describe the most annoying and problematic disease that becomes the major cause for female infertility.

The diagnosis

I recognize the presence of nasty cysts during the ultrasound examination, but they can be quite confusing and decisive. There is a detailed investigation if I suspect the minutest possibility of chocolate cyst in the ovaries.

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  1. You're small article is actually quite informative. I have come to know chocolate cyst causing pregnancy problem later in 1997 when I read a newspaper article about it.

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