Friday, 23 August 2013

Why sperm count is as unreliable as the weather?

Why sperm count is as unreliable as the weather?

It is a well-known fact that predicting weather 100% accurately is not possible because of the multiple parameters associated with it. I would say the same thing with one of the major milestones of the infertility treatment, the sperm count test!

I open the sealed envelope from the bundle waiting for my attention. The first one is the semen test report of one of my patients. The couple is undergoing IVF cycle and this was required to determine the quality and quantity of the sperms. To my dismay, the count was incredibly low this time. This was the third test consecutively and the results were absolutely devastating.

It is one of the commonest experiences of us as infertility experts. Semen testing reports always leave us extremely puzzled. The degree of variation that is demonstrated by sperm count reports can be compared only with the share market index that goes up and down drastically with no apparent logic or rationale!

The variation is unbelievable

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  1. There can be various factors which can cause an individual to be infertile. May be not permanently but for time being the test shows negative result.

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