Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Why Estradiol test is required in a few cases?

Why Estradiol test is required in a few cases?

I read a lot of material on infertility treatment that is my core area and also on various other subjects. Very recently I read an article about the high dependency on various tests and diagnostic methods in the modern medical science. I suddenly realized that there is certainly a great reliance on these tools and we just can’t move forward a centimeter without it.

Undoubtedly most of the tests are required and patients sometimes get puzzled with the number of tests undertaken, especially in treatments that last longer like the infertility treatment.  Patients come to me fully prepared about the treatment by collecting information from all the possible sources.  A detailed interrogation is expected when some unusual or rare test is prescribed to them. I need to spend considerable time to explain the severity and the necessity of these tests!

Human reproductive system is like a game of trapeze in a circus where there is a need of absolute timing and perfection. There are many hormones that play important role in it and they come and phase out as and when required. We infertility experts are forced to keep a close surveillance on their entry and exit and the diagnostic tests are the only way out.

Estradiol test, the process with lesser occurrence

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