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Alternate treatment for polycystic ovarian syndrome

Alternate treatment for polycystic ovarian syndrome

There is a lot of buzz about PCOS (polycystic ovarian disease) and its relationship with infertility. So many patients every year come to me for the treatment of infertility and there is always a great fear about PCOS in their mind. In fact, many times it is baseless and the fundamental cause of infertility is something else. Nevertheless, it is a statistical fact that around 10% of the women face PCOS or similar problem at some point of their life. It does not mean that all of them face infertility problems. Very few of them need to go for infertility treatment.

PCOS is actually not a disease, but it is a syndrome that means a set of symptoms. Difficulty to get pregnant is just one of the problems and there can be more serious implications of it. Acne, weight gain, irregular menstrual cycle and even type-2 diabetes can also be triggered by it. We treat PCOS with medicines, but there are some alternate methods have also proven effective in treating the ailment. These methods aid to the medication and help recovering the problem quickly.

a) Diet planning: Well, that does not mean irrational control of food intake. Rather, it is a structured and planned way of eating healthy and beneficial food. Females suffering from the problem of PCOS should eat less carbohydrates and high protein. Eating seafood, nuts, eggs and chicken is highly recommended. It is a bright idea to consume organic food because it is free from chemicals and preservatives. Omega fatty acids are remarkable in achieving good health. Plenty of fish, seeds and walnuts should be included in the daily diet.

b) Food supplements: Although we do not recommend food supplements and always insist on balanced diet, but in exceptional cases like PCOS they are required. Multivitamin supplements and mineral tablets help greatly in establishing the balance of hormones. It corrects the fundamental cause of the problem and helps greatly in faster recovery. Vitamin supplements, zinc and magnesium are a few effective substances in the treatment of PCOS.

c) Reducing weight: Yes, overweight adds fuel in the fire. It is always better to lose a few pounds to correct the metabolism and hormonal levels.

d) Herbs and naturopathy: Some people believe in natural drugs, herbs and the other methods of naturopathy. There are some cases where significance improvement is seen by these natural remedies. It is said that Ginseng and Chaste tree helps greatly in treating PCOS. It normalizes the functions of hormonal glands that produce progesterone.

e) Acupuncture and acupressure: A lot has been talked about these two therapies and many people believe in it. However, there has not been much clinically proven about their authenticity. People claim that there is incredible improvement in PCOS after the treatment.
Alternative treatment of PCOS is a matter of personal belief and some of the methods are based on personal experience only. However, there are many evidences of women getting benefited by these methods. It needs to be experimented along with the regular medication.

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