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Ignorance of sex and infertility

Ignorance of sex and infertility

It is important to talk to infertile couples before starting the treatment. It gives better insight about the problem and helps in deciding the right line of action. It is quite surprising, but true that still there are large number of infertility cases are contributed by lack of knowledge about the sex and sexual process. In spite of the exposure and education about it, there are many couples do not know the fundamentals of intercourse and conception!

There are many cases I have handled where infertile couples are required to undergo hymenectomy (the process of removing hymen surgically) in order to make the pregnancy possible. The couples have been indulged in regular sex, without understanding that it is not possible to conceive unless the sperm reaches to the uterus. The social structure, treating sex a taboo and absence of sex-education are the fundamental causes.

Another important factor is the frequency of sex. According to the medical definition, infertility is determined only if frequent unprotected sex for six to twelve months doesn't achieve pregnancy. Couples come for infertility treatment after trying for two to three months. In the modern times, marriages are happening quite late and the overall fertility level has decreased due to various factors. In the changing scenario, we suggest the couples to wait for at least 18 months and then come for infertility treatment.

Stress and lack of knowledge kills the sex life of newlywed couples. The frequency of sex is decreasing due to excessive work pressures and improper lifestyle. Late night parties, working in shifts and phone calls and conference calls kill the privacy and there are lesser opportunities available for sexual intimacy. Couples think that they are infertile and need treatment. It leads to temporary inability to make love and sometimes it is misinterpreted as infertility. It actually doesn't require any treatment because it is not actually a problem. It needs spending time with each other and understand the emotional needs.

It is a fact that ignorance of sexual knowledge was a main cause of infertility earlier as well, but the new generation is more open towards it. They discuss the problems frankly and work towards the resolution. It is quite helpful to discuss the problem at length so that appropriate solution can be opted.

There is one more aspect that leads to infertility, denial of fertility. You will find it strange, but there are many cases where conception does not happen just because women presume that they can't conceive. Career, education and the other aspirations keep pregnancy at the last priority. Strangely, mind make-up leads to physiological infertility and conception does not happen. This problem is quite persistent nowadays especially among the next generation couple where career and financial stability is more important as compared to extending the family.

Ignorance of sex contributes greatly in the infertility problem and we infertility experts need to spend a lot of energy and time in treating such cases. Counseling and step-by-step sex education helps a lot in treating the problem. 

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