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Vitamin E and fertility

Vitamin E and fertility

Vitamins and minerals are important for the health and well-being of human body. Health ailments are often caused by deficiency of one or the other vitamins in the body. Infertility is one of the biggest problems in the modern age. When I treat infertility problem of a couple, the approach is always to look at the problem from all the perspectives. This is because infertility problem might be just a symptom to some other cause. Regular exercise, good food habits and proper lifestyle helps in maintaining better vitality in the body. There is no need to take food supplements and vitamin tablets.

Removing the root cause of the problem may boost the fertility levels significantly. Checking for vitamin deficiency is one of the important aspects during infertility treatment. I prescribe additional vitamin to bridge the gap.

Role of Vitamin E

Vitamin E is greatly beneficial for the body. It improves the health of heart and brain. It also keeps the respiratory system and blood circulation in correct order. It is an antioxidant and controls the free radicals.

Vitamin E is found in the food items like nuts, spinach, apricots and sunflower seeds. There has been significant correlation found between infertility problem and Vitamin E. Experts tell that it helps in maintaining male and female fertility levels.

Vitamin E and male fertility

Male infertility problems are caused mainly due to sperm related issues. Inadequate quantity and quality of the sperms causes lesser probability of conception. Free radicals are toxins that cause harm to the sperms and also affect hormonal secretion. Vitamin E is a natural antioxidant to control the free radicals. Taking Vitamin E rich diet and supplements help a lot. Combining it with Vitamin B, E, Zinc and beta carotene brings synergized effect.

Vitamin E is soluble in fat and therefore, it reaches to the layers of body fats and membranes. It gets attached to the free radicals. Studies have indicated high improvement in the sperm count by regular intake of Vitamin E. It promotes mobility and strength of the sperm and enhances the flexibility of sperm cells. It is a non-toxic and safe treatment for male infertility problems.

Vitamin E and female fertility

Although researches have indicated apparent benefit of Vitamin E on male infertility problems, but their role in treating female infertility is equally prominent. Regular consumption of Vitamin E increases the amount of cervical mucuos and there are better chances of sperm reaching to the mature egg. It corrects the defects of eggs. It boosts the hormone levels in females and thus increases the chances of conception.

There have not been sufficient evidence about the correlation of Vitamin E and female fertility; it is surely beneficial by boosting the hormonal secretion and controlling the free radicals that could cause miscarriages and immature termination of pregnancy. Research and studies will reveal many unknown things about vitamin E for infertility treatment.

As an infertility expert I always undergo vitamin deficiency tests for my patients and execute the treatment plan accordingly. 

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