Sunday, 6 October 2013

The fear factor during infertility treatment

The fear factor during infertility treatment

Every case of infertility that I treat is a new challenge. Couples come to me with immense hope and belief. They have already seen quite a bad time and now look forward to an end to it. Undoubtedly, I also work hard to resolve their problem. However, the process of infertility treatment is a long journey and there are various moments of sorrow and joy for us. There is always the third color of emotion and that is, the feeling of fear!

The horror factor

When couples come for the first time to discuss infertility problem, their temperament is quite timid and nervous. The first thing that I am supposed to deal is immense frustration! Why me? This is perhaps the question that has been asked maximum number of times in my consulting room!

As I proceed further, the frustration turns into assurance and hope. Couples feel that neither they are the only couple facing this problem, nor the problem is incurable. The procedures of infertility treatment impose a fear factor in the minds of my patients. The fear of unknown and the fear of failure! They do not like to think about it, can't stop either. They feel that this kind of failure cuts much deeper as compared to the natural pregnancy. The efforts of getting pregnant through a series of invasive treatments, medicines and intravenous drugs, tests and ultrasounds are undergone with just one hope of getting pregnant. What if it doesn't happen, a great disappointment?

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