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Vitamins to improve sperm quality

Vitamins to improve sperm quality

Around one third of infertility cases are contributed by the male partners. Among various aspects of male infertility, sperm quality is a significant one. Sperms cause fertilization and the quality and quantity of sperms determine the success ratio of fertilization. For successful penetration, there should be adequate quantity of healthy sperms reach to the uterus.

Causes of low quality sperm

There are various causes of lower quality of sperm in men. A complex process causes sperm production in the body. Pituitary and hypothalamus glands trigger specific hormones to produce sperms. Malfunctioning of these two glands, infections, physiological problems abnormality in the seminal fluid, obesity, exposure to chemical or radioactive substance and genetic defects are some of the prime causes of low sperm quality in men.

The treatment

As an infertility expert, I need to look into the case minutely before deciding the treatment. Diagnostic plays an important role in deciding the correct line of action. There are various treatments to improve the quality of sperms and they are quite effective as well. Vitamins are very important in treating male infertility caused by low quality of semen.  Balanced diet, correct lifestyle, adequate exercise and vitamin supplements can cause miracles and we can see significant improvement in the sperm quality. Vitamins that can bring great improvement are:

a) Vitamin C: It is most vital amino acid that helps in correcting the damage caused to male productive system. Vitamin C reduces the damage caused at the DNA level and corrects the abnormalities. It also helps in combating against the ill-effects of pollution and toxins. Regular intake of vitamin C improves the quality and quantity of sperms in the semen.

b) Vitamin E: Studies have indicated significant correlation between Vitamin E and fertility in men.  It helps in improving the inner strength and correcting the hormonal disorder. However, we examine the patients thoroughly before prescribing Vitamin E because it may cause harm in the patients having anemia, liver problems or high blood pressure.

c) Zinc: The importance of Zinc is sure in human reproduction system. Even a mild deficiency of Zinc can cause lower sperm count. It boosts the testosterone level, the male hormone responsible for reproduction. However, one must take Zinc supplements under infertility experts surveillance.

d) Vitamin B-12: Excessive smoking and regular consumption of processed and refined food cause deficiency of Vitamin B-12 and B-complex. It causes lower testosterone levels and lower quality of sperms. Supplements taken under consultation of infertility expert can improve the condition dramatically.

e) Vitamin A: Vitamin A is one of the important, but it is better to take in the multi-vitamin tablet form. Vitamin A is vital in increasing the production of sperm and enhancing the quality.

It is not enough to take vitamin supplements only. I discuss with the couple about the problem at-length and suggest them to change the lifestyle. Increasing consumption of natural and raw food, taking adequate sleep, quitting tobacco and alcohol and reducing stress levels helps a lot. These changes boost the effect of vitamin supplements and major improvement can be seen!

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