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Vitamins to treat menopause

Vitamins to treat menopause

Menopause is a major turning point in the life of women. Different women face different discomforts during this period and there are no set remedies for the problems. We normally treat based on symptoms and the problem gets sorted as the hormonal imbalance is over. Hot flushes or sweating is the most common symptom. Mood swings, depression and emotional burst-outs are other common complaints.

Insomnia, weight gain, headache and body ache are the other symptoms. Some women complain about body ache and osteoporosis as well. Loss of sexual drive and dryness in vagina is also one of the most talked problem during this period.

There are various treatments suggested for menopause and it is completely trial and error process to find out what actually works for you. Vitamin supplements work very well for some women. They contain enough quantity of vitamins, minerals and the other essential elements. They also provide energy to the body and women who are not overweight can take the supplements based on milk products and chocolate. The basic vitamins like A, B, C, D and E help in boosting the metabolism. The minerals and other nutrients supply energy to the body and rebuild the strength.

These supplements are helpful in reducing the pre-menopause and post-menopause symptoms. They reduce the harmful effects and help the body in dealing with the condition of reduced estrogen and progesterone levels.
Vitamins and their effect on menopause problems

Various vitamins help the body in various ways to deal with this problem.

• Vitamin D: We always recommend vitamin D for women. Especially in the countries where the exposure to direct sunlight is least, it is mandatory to take vitamin D supplements. According to the RDA recommendations, women are supposed to take at least 1000 IU of vitamin D daily. The quantity becomes 2000 IU if medical examination reveals that the woman is suffering from vitamin D deficiency. It is equally important to include calcium in the daily diet plan. Vitamin D and calcium work hand in hand to regain the structural power and correct menopause related problems.

• Vitamin E: We recommend at least 800IU daily to overcome menopause related problems. It controls the problem of hot flushes considerably. It relieves from the distress and fatigue and acts as an antioxidant. It controls the aging effect and reduces free radicals in the body.

• Iron and Vitamin C: Just like Calcium and Vitamin D, we recommend Iron and Vitamin C together. According to international standards, it is mandatory to take 20mg iron daily up to the age of 50. The quantity can be reduced to 10mg after that.

• Vitamin B: Mood swings are the most common symptoms after hot flushes. During menopause women feel drastic emotional changes. There are moments of depression and agony. Vitamin B helps greatly to overcome this problem. However, since there are many variants of Vitamin B we recommend Vitamin B complex supplement to the patients. It is an excellent treatment to control the fatigue and irritations during menopause.
Replenish the body with vitamins and face the challenges of menopause easily.

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