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Weight-gain during infertility treatment

Weight-gain during infertility treatment

Being an infertility expert, I need to answer various questions asked by the patients. There is a frequent question about the relation of weight and infertility. I always suggest my patients to lose a few pounds to increase the chances of pregnancy. They agree to it, work hard and come back with a young and charming personality. However, the things go wrong with the infertility treatment. As we move forward female patients see the weighing scale showing upward trend in later months!

Strange, isn't it? Infertility treatment certainly increases weight because of multiple reasons.

Depression: Women do not agree to it because they don't realize it either. However, it is a fact that depression of not getting pregnant triggers overeating and later weight gain. The urge to eat more, especially sweet substance is quite common during infertility treatment.
Drugs: Infertility treatment is a complex procedure where multiple rounds of drugs are given to control hormonal secretion. Weight gain is a side-effect of some of the drugs. It is inevitable and therefore, can't be controlled.

IVF procedures: Sometimes womensee a lot of weight gain during IVF procedure. Nevertheless, it is a temporary phenomenon that you should ignore. It is mainly because of extra fluid accumulated in the body that goes away with the next menstruation cycle.

Feeling of joy: Couples are in a state of utter disappointment when they start infertile treatment. As we move forward positivity tends to increase and they feel quite comfortable. In some females, it triggers eating temptation and they tend to eat more. It results in phenomenal weight gain during the infertility treatment!
The way out!

Surely it is a tough task to cut weight during infertility treatment, but not an impossible one certainly.

There is nothing much can be done for the weight gain due to medication. However, reducing the daily calorie intake and consuming less sodium could help greatly. Fruits and vegetables with high potassium content, fish and lean meat and a daily exercise are also important. Light aerobic exercises and walking is also equally useful. You need to be cautious about not giving unnecessary strain to the body.

Weight gain due to excessive eating can be easily controlled. Reducing the stress level would control the urge of eating. Brisk walking, light exercise and meditation help significantly. Breathing exercises and Yoga would calm the mind and body. It is always recommended that the exercise should be light and easy. Weight-training and heavy aerobic exercises should be avoided completely.

Make a support system: It is extremely important to create a support system. It helps in reducing the stress level. Sharing the experiences of infertility treatment is effective in reducing the trauma and agony. It will help in controlling the temptation and eating drives.

Weight gain is a common problem after infertility treatment. It can be avoided by conscious and serious efforts. Individual temperament and personal traits play major role in getting success. Females with strong will-power and determination can reduce the extra pounds gained during infertility treatment.

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