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Herbs to boost male fertility level

Herbs to boost male fertility level

According to research, almost one-third of the cases are contributed by male infertility, but it is more critical and complicated to handle. Insufficient sperm count, poor sperm quality and less mobility of sperms are the major causes. Physiological problems like blockage in the testicles or prostate related problems also responsible for male infertility problem. Infertility experts like me try to find out the root cause of infertility problem and treat it up to the maximum possible manner. There are many alternative medicines and herbs are considered effective for infertility problems, especially male infertility. The top six herbs very useful in male infertility are:

a) Ginseng: It is a popular herb that is considered useful in male infertility issues. This Chinese medicine is popular from centuries. It boosts the hormonal secretion and corrects the hormonal imbalance. The level of testosterone is responsible for sperm production. The impact of Ginseng is there to boost sperm mobility and count.

b) Shilajit : This is an Indian herb and considered effective for male infertility problems from the ancient times. It is found in the Himalaya mountain range. It is a sticky black substance that is used in medicines to correct the ailments. It is a general tonic also to improve overall health condition and immune system. Shilajit gives power to the nerves that carry sperms. Regular consumption of Shilajit creates miracle in male infertility problems.

c) Saw Palemotto: Saw Palemotto acts as natural steroid and boosts the male reproductive system. It accelerates the hormonal secretion and in turn improves the quality and quantity of sperms. This herb is considered good to treat prostate problems as well. It gives strength to the body and helps in recovering from weakness caused by illness.

d) Maritime Pine Bark : Pine contains high quantity of antioxidants to correct the problem of male infertility. Antioxidants are effective to arrest the free radicals in the body that cause various ailments. It boosts the resistance power to improve the health condition. Male infertility is caused due to internal weakness and Pine Bark is useful for overcoming it.

e) Musli : It is an Indian herb that is considered effective in treating male infertility. It is popular from centuries in the traditional Indian medicines. It gives strength to the nerves and increases mobility of the sperms. According to traditional Indian medicine it is more effective if taken during the winter season when the body attains maximum vitality.

f) Flaxseed oil: Flaxseed oil improves the sperm count and increases the chances of conception. It is considered very effective in improving the strength of the body. It controls the nervous system and nourishes the reproductive system. Flaxseed oil corrects impotency problems.

Traditional drugs and herbs are considered effective for male infertility problems. Although modern medical science has different methods of treating it, many people believe these traditional methods. There should be in-depth research and study conducted to assess the effectiveness and use of herbs for infertility treatment. The ancient knowledge has to be checked and proved on the modern medical standards.

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