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Boosting female fertility

Boosting female fertility

It is really a tough challenge to manage the expectation of couples when they come with infertility problems. All wish to get pregnant as early as possible and want success in the first attempt. However, it is not really possible because there are hundreds of permutation and combination of infertility problems. However an infertility expert like me always work on elimination method and by removing the unrelated factors, I quickly reach to the fundamental cause. Female infertility contributes to almost one-third of the total infertility cases. The percentage is quite high and over and above that, there are many reasons for female infertility. It is more common after the age of 35, but in some cases female infertility has been observed in very young age as well.

Although we always treat infertility with the best of drugs available, the supportive methods help in boosting the female infertility.Good food provides adequate energy and strength to fight against ailments. There are some foods help in boosting the fertility levels as well. Meet an expert dietitian and get the diet chart prepared.

Some common and effective tips are:

a) Regular exercise: Exercise increases the metabolic level and removes the toxins from the body. If the woman is overweight, then it is a main cause for infertility. Exercise helps in reducing the weight and stress level. It boosts the female fertility level greatly.

b) Balanced diet: Diet full of nutritional elements like vitamins and minerals help in energizing the body. They also remove the free radicals and intoxication in the body. Fruits and vegetables that contain high amount of Zinc can help in boosting female fertility level. Oysters are ideal in such condition. Whole grains are high in nutritional level and help in making the ovulation process regular. They build-up the body and increase strength and fitness as well. Whole grains are rich in complex carbohydrates that give energy to the body. Rich protein diet helps in building strength and boosting the fertility level. Iron and folic acid make the reproductive system strong and increase the female fertility level.It is recommended drinking plenty of water.

c) Basal body temperature: It is the best technique to assess the right time of ovulation and increase the probability of getting success in conception.

d) Reducing the consumption of nicotine and alcohol: Both caffeine and alcohol affect the nervous system and reproductive system. They also affect the hormonal balance and therefore, it is better to lower or quit the bad habits of smoking and drinking. The fertility level boost dramatically in a short time after leaving these bad habits.

e) Reducing stress level: Stress is the biggest reason that decreases the fertility level. Reduce stress by meditation, positive thinking, breathing exercises and Yoga.

f) Avoid exposure to chemicals and pesticides: It has been proved that chemicals and pesticides affect the female fertility level and there are long-lasting and dangerous after-effects of frequent exposure.

These tips help boosting female fertility level and achieving success in pregnancy. We need to put multiple efforts to defeat the problem of infertility by adopting them in an effective way!

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