Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Surrogacy - The Miracle

Surrogacy, the miracle of medical science

Last 20 years have seen a revolutionary change in the medical science and almost all the branches are now well equipped with excellent treatment methods and extremely accurate equipment. Reproduction system related ailments are also not an exception to this. Nowadays many complex problems that were totally incurable in the yesteryear are completely curable and recoverable. According to expert Dr. Rita Bakshi, there has been an increase in the awareness and information level of the couples. Problems related to human infertility are reported to the doctors at pretty early stage and that helps a lot in resolving the issue. Though it is a complex subject and every case of infertility has a different facet and uniqueness, but clinics like International Fertility Centre are able to handle every case thoroughly. There are various methods of diagnosis and treatment. It depends on the type of infertility and the technical know-how of the team of doctors what method to select.

When surrogacy is the only option?

Doctors encounter various complexities while treating infertility. The F.I.R. or First Information Report of infertility by the childless couple throws no light on the problem. The fundamental symptom reported is the inability to conceive after a few months of regular try. This is like tip of the iceberg where actual size can't be determined by looking at the tip. The apparently small or simple problem can have a deep-rooted complex cause behind it. Detailed investigation reveals the actual problem and there are cases where surrogacy is the only option. Doctors suggest going for surrogate pregnancy if

  1. The female partner has problems in carrying out the pregnancy list polycystic syndrome.
  2. There are genetic disorders with a potential risk of getting transmitted to the baby
  3. Slip disk or backbone related problems
  4. Neurological problems

In such cases since the mother is capable of producing healthy matured eggs and the male partner is also capable of providing sperms for fertilization. Therefore, the best alternative is an IVF (In vitro fertilization) and transplant of the embryo in the womb of a surrogate mother. The complete pregnancy and childbirth process would be carried out by the surrogate mother and the baby would be handed-over to the intended parents according to a contractual agreement.

What all involved in surrogate pregnancy?

Once the decision is taken unanimously to go for the surrogacy option, clinics start searching for a suitable surrogate. There are many got registered in the infertility clinic and the best one is select according to the intended parent's choice. Legal experts prepare a well-articulated contract and both parties agree on the process, remuneration and handover terms and conditions. Medical procedure is not very complex, except the task of matching the ovulation cycle of the intended and surrogate mother. Once it is matched, matured egg is extracted and fertilized with the sperm of the intended father. Meanwhile the surrogate mother's womb is kept ready for the embryo transplantation. The transplant takes place after an observation of two to three days in the laboratory. After a week or so, the pregnancy is confirmed and the surrogate mother carries it for the next nine months. Intended couples may go back to their respective place. It is now infertility clinic's responsibility to ensure about caring and monitoring of the surrogate mother. Normally many surrogate women live together at a commonplace and it has distinct advantage. It creates a solid support group and the surrogate women do not feel lonely and discarded. Health care, vaccination and diet can be managed very well by the clinic.

What does surrogate mother get in return?

Surrogate mother gets much more in return apart from the monetary compensation. Infertility clinics like IFC work on very closely towards the benefit of both parties and ensure that none gets exploited. Typically the benefits received by the surrogate mother are:

  1. Good compensation in the form of lump-sum amount that is paid one time.
  2. Insurance coverage to the surrogate mother
  3. Counselling, awareness workshops and classroom training to explain the process of surrogacy
  4. Personality development and motivational workshops
  5. Support in getting admission of surrogate children in good quality schools
  6. Facilities of common residence for surrogate mothers with the best of living conditions
  7. Free medical care and regular follow-up/ monitoring of the overall development
  8. Vaccination and dietary care

Surrogate mothers have a great experience during the pregnancy and they feel a complete transformation and increased confidence level in their personality.

Role and responsibility of the infertility clinic

Infertility clinics play a vital role in the entire process and as Dr. Rita Bakshi calls it, they are the major stakeholders. Infertility clinics coordinate with the surrogate mothers, intended parents, legal and social experts and other agencies to carry out the process amicably. The contractual agreement between the two parties is facilitated by the clinic and at the same time surrogate mother is informed clearly about the legitimacy of the intended parents so that there is no conflict at the end. They also offer surrogate home that is the commonplace where surrogate mothers stay during the pregnancy. Clinics assure good quality accommodation, food, recreation and medication facilities. Total personality transformation is looked into by virtue of counselling, meditation, personality development and other sessions. The goal is to develop an unaware and uneducated woman into a well-groomed and developed female.

Infertility clinics like International Fertility Centre has tie-up with insurance agencies to provide proper medical insurance to the surrogate woman. The family of surrogate mother is also covered with an extra premium so that she can get coverage for her own family as well. Ensuring safe pregnancy, successful delivery and smooth handover of the baby to the intended parents is the prime agenda of the infertility clinic.

The right of motherhood is every woman's fundamental right especially if she is capable of contributing in the fertilization process. The incapability of bearing the child for nine months should not be a hindrance in enjoying this ultimate pleasure of life. The advance medical science has given this opportunity to such couples and now they can very well enjoy the parenthood using the surrogate pregnancy method. It is required to contact proper infertility clinic like IFC that works on complete ethical and legal guidelines and the modus-operandi is absolutely transparent. An expert like Dr. Rita Bakshi makes the dream possible with their vast knowledge and expertise in the subject. It is a true win-win situation where both the intended parents and the surrogate mother get benefited. Surrogate mother is able to enhance the standard of living standard for her own family and the intended couples get the gift of a cute baby that otherwise won't have been possible at all.


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