Monday, 3 December 2012

What worries Most to the Doctors while Treating Infertility?

What worries most to the doctors while treating infertility?

Infertility is a condition that affects not only the couple trying hard to get pregnant, but to the doctor as well. The problem is extremely complex and the treatment as well. It is a long journey with extreme patience, dedication and ups and downs. There are various causes of infertility and it is a big challenge for the experts to identify the root cause. Some of these causes are relatively easy to handle while some are really hard nut to crack. However, doctors like Dr. Rita Bakshi of International Fertility Centre does not leave any stone unturned to treat the patients. The disturbing factors during infertility treatment are many, but the top most that doctors worry about are:
  • Poor quality of eggs: There are women who can produce the eggs normally, but the quality of egg is not adequate due to some basic problem in the maturity process. Sometimes it is age related, but sometimes completely unexplainable. Surrogacy or egg donation might be the only remedy.

  • Endometriosis: This is one of the most critical and complicated problem that causes infertility in women. There is an inner lining in the uterus called as endometrial tissue. If this tissue grows outside the uterus, then it causes infertility in the women. The condition takes a long time to correct and long-term medication is required.

  • Ovulation related issues:  Ovulation is the process of production and maturity of the egg in the body of woman. The egg gets matured in the ovaries and then travel up to the uterus. Fundamental problems in this process prevent pregnancy. Doctors like Dr. Rita Bakshi of IFC have to really work hard to eliminate the root cause and treat the problem.

  • Polycystic ovary syndrome: There are women with problems in the ovaries in the form of small cysts. These cysts cause major hormonal problem and makes the pregnancy absolutely impossible. Doctors have to treat the patient with various trial and errors of drugs to resolve the issue. There are multiple pregnancies and miscarriages during the treatment and it is really tough time for the childless couple as well as the doctor.

  • Male tube blockages: This is the infertility problem caused due to the male partner. There are blockages in the tubes that carry the sperms from testicles to the penis. Surgery is the only option, but it does not guarantee 100% success.

These are the top five worries. Apart from these, there are many other factors that cause infertility. The most important part of the infertility treatment is obviously the correct diagnosis. The more accurate and early the diagnosis is, the faster is the success. Infertility clinics like International Fertility Centre; New Delhi is one of the most prominent centres for the treatment of all variants of infertility. World famous infertility expert Dr. Rita Bakshi provides her able guidance and top class expertise to thousands of childless couples every year and bring a smile of happiness on their face. Treating infertility is a joint effort of the childless couple and the team of doctors and medical experts of the infertility clinic and the teamwork and cohesive working would only able to yield good results!

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