Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Overcome Infertility

Top 3 lifestyle changes to overcome infertility

There are various aspects of infertility problem and there are various factors that impact it. Researchers have evidence that food habits, lifestyle, living standard and even lack of exercise also impact it up to a great extent. It seems to be a valid point because infertility is a state of our body and therefore must be getting influenced by all these factors. Just like our body weight, physique and the overall health get influenced by these factors.

The long-term effects of improper diet, hormonal medicines taken for managing body weight, consumption of tobacco and alcohol surely impact the fertility adversely. Specialists like Dr. Rita Bakshi of International Fertility Centre term these things as 'the most damaging factors'. Exercise is an important and integral part of our life and we have been facing various physical problems due to absence of this fundamental element from our life. The malfunctioning of all the systems in our body are related some way or the other with it and reproduction system is also not an exception.

  1. Say NO to tobacco and liquor:  Scientists have clear facts and figures regarding the relationship of tobacco, liquor and infertility. There is a misconception regarding the capability of these two elements to increase sexual ability, but reality is absolutely reverse. The toxic elements in alcohol and tobacco have very serious impact on the sperm production, sperm quality and quantity, ovulation process and quality of eggs and overall sex life. Quitting harmful elements is the only option to help infertility.
  2.  Have a sound sleep: There have been studies that clearly show the correlation of lack of sound sleep and infertility. So you must be aware in case you are a frequent party animal. To be awake late night for a long time makes fundamental changes in the hormone levels thereby increasing the chances of infertility. Scientists say that people having inadequate sleep for a longer time face various health related problems, including low fertility rates. It affects the hormonal balance in the body that is one of the major cause for infertility.
  3. Correct the food habits: Although food habits do not have a direct connection with infertility, but certainly with obesity. Fast food, food that is rich in fats and carbohydrates, salt and sugar will increase the weight rapidly. As the body weight gets increased, it affects the reproductive system adversely. According to experts like Dr. Rita Bakshi of International Fertility Centre it is always recommended to have body weight in control, not only for enhancing the fertility level, but for the overall fitness.

Keep all the above points in mind, especially if you are already facing the problem of infertility. It is a fact that making necessary changes in the lifestyle will increase the overall health, enhance the sperm count and quality, correct the ovulation process, and maintain blood sugar levels and weight thereby improving the overall health condition. Getting rid of bad habits like smoking, drinking, late night parties and over exertion will improve the body fitness. You can feel improvement in the stamina, sound sleep and better mind and body state.

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