Thursday, 8 November 2012

Surrogate Mom in India

Being a surrogate mom in India

India is being considered a hub for surrogacy from last a few years and there are various valid reasons for it. Apart from being a country with cheap, but high quality medical services India has a rich heritage and culture that bring a lot of opportunity to travel. New Delhi, the capital of India has many infertility clinics like International Fertility Centre and expert infertility experts like Dr. Rita Bakshi are taking huge efforts to bring smile on childless couples. The economical benefit that a surrogate mother gets in India is cheap as compared to the developed countries, but still from Indian point of view it makes a major difference. Surrogate women are able to raise their own children in a better way, are able to provide better living conditions for their family and get their social status elevated remarkably. There are different reasons and meanings of being a surrogate mother in India and in spite of criticism from some social activists and media; there is a steady increase in the number of females coming forward to help couples from coping up infertility and childless life. Government and legal institutions are providing sufficient support to secure them from exploitation.  Dr. Rita Bakshi of International Infertility Centre has been in the area of infertility treatment from a long time and works minutely on all the aspect of welfare and benefit of Indian surrogate mothers.
The process of surrogacy is handled with proper care. Dr. Rita Bakshi of IFC refers it as the most sincere and systematic process of infertility solution for the couples struggling to extend the family.

1. The selection process of surrogate mother is very stringent and systematic. The social, personal and medical background is checked thoroughly and any deviation leads to rejection of the surrogate mother.

2. It is ensured that surrogate mother is given a clear idea about the genetic relation of the baby and the intended couple. She is counselled on timely basis to handle the emotional complications.

3. Fundamental medical precautions like genetic disorders, HIV or other diseases, clear medical history and previous childbirth details are recorded to ensure that right woman is selected for surrogacy.

4. Legal experts and social workers are hired to explain the social and legal aspects not only to the surrogate mothers, but their families as well.

5. Surrogate mothers are ensures to handle the unforeseen events and to provide security to her family and kids.

6. Legal formalities, surrogacy contract, handover document are handled with the help of professional experts.

7. Apart from surrogate mothers, other women of the society are also getting benefited with special sessions organized by infertility clinics. Awareness of education, basic cleanliness, family planning and welfare, insurance and financial security can be done through these sessions.

The advantage

There are many advantages of being a surrogate mother in Indian context. Surrogacy has travelled a long mile from being a 'womb on rent' perception to 'a noble act of helping others'. Women are coming forward to offer their uterus to carry pregnancy and giving birth to a baby that does not belong to them in theoretical genetic concept and money is not the only motivating factor behind it.
1. Surrogate mother becomes the torchbearer of change: The monetary benefit is certainly one of the most important factors. India is a country where most of the people are able to earn money that is jus sufficient for the survival. The attractive compensation for surrogacy might be peanuts from the standards of developed countries, but it is beyond imagination from Indian standards. The husband, in-laws and kids of the surrogate mother gets a chance to live much better life with the money received from surrogacy.
2. Total reformation of the living standards: Good infertility clinics like International Fertility Centre are working towards the total reformation of surrogate mothers and their families. Making ration cards for them, providing social security, educational facilities, medical aid and counselling and psychological support are the major areas that bring a complete reformation of the surrogate mothers and their families.
3. Legal flexibility: Laws and legislatures related to surrogacy are much flexible in India and therefore people across the globe are approaching the clinics of this country. Even after being so flexible, Indian government has tried to cover all sorts of complexities and scenarios so that there is no injustice to the surrogate mothers as well as the intended couples.
4. It is surrogacy tourism for the foreign couples: India is a country with tremendously rich cultural and historical background. People from all over the globe visit India to appreciate it and surrogacy provides the intended couples a chance to enjoy it along with the pleasure of extending the family. The clinics like International Fertility Centre are situated at New Delhi, the capital of India. Being located at the most happening and approachable place from all famous tourist spots, these clinics would give a dual advantage. Intended couples can plan the trips at the time of starting the surrogate pregnancy and then at the time of delivery.
5. Cost is a major pulling factor: The cost of total surrogacy process is much less in India as compared the USA or other western countries and the medical facilities and standards are just comparable. The value of currency is obviously one of the reasons behind it and the overall rates of medical treatment are also much lower making it cheaper.


The precautions

As such there are no precautions particularly if the process of surrogacy is being handled by reputed infertility clinics like International Fertility Centre. They ensure the social, emotional and financial aspects from all the angles. The intended couples, whether they are from India or abroad and the surrogate mother get complete justice to their efforts and money spent. The complete medical check-up, pre and post surrogacy care and insurance related aspects are well managed. The selection of surrogate mother in India is done with utmost precaution and scrutiny.
The land of India has become a land of surrogacy due to great support by the government, fantastic treatment and quality of medical support by the doctors and fantastic opportunities for tourism. Couples from all over the globe are coming to convert their dream of having a baby into reality. Low cost, flexible norms, best of the treatment are the additional advantages. There is a win-win situation for both the intended couples and surrogate mother because financial support helps the surrogate woman in uplifting the overall status and the intended couple gets benefited with the blessing of a baby. The role of infertility clinics like IFC is definitely phenomenal in making India a preferred destination for surrogacy.


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