Thursday, 15 November 2012

Cause and Cure of Unexplained Infertility

Unexplained infertility: What is it?

The treatment of infertility is very complex and there are many cases where the exact reason of infertility is unknown. Although some people claim it as high as 10 to 15 percent of the total cases, but experts have difference of opinion. Doctors say that it is highly depends on the accuracy and sophistication of the tests. If the testing has been done with extreme care and the most advanced tools and even after that the reason is undefined then it might be considered a case of unexplained infertility. Every year, there are few cases reported to the clinics like International Fertility Centre and an expert like Dr. Rita Bakshi has to take it as a challenge. The most complex cases are those without no clear root cause and mixed symptoms.

What is unexplained infertility?

A couple comes to the infertility clinic with a problem of failure in getting pregnant. The doctors normally perform all the basic tests to understand what is causing it? To their surprise, all the basic tests come out to be negative. The sperm count is OK, the sperm quality is perfect, the ovulation is normal, no structural problems in the female reproduction system, no cysts or fibrosis in the uterus. In spite of all that, the female is unable to conceive. Doctors perform few advance tests to investigate it further, but nothing comes out. This is a typical case of unexplained infertility.

What all may cause 

Although the exact reasons are not known because doctors would have found the solution in that case, but there are some broad assumption around it.
  1. Deformity in the eggs: There might be some deformity in the structure or automatic triggering system of the eggs causing problems in the fertilization. The eggs get produced in the follicle and then get 'burst'. In case they are not able to break the corpus by bursting, the fertilization becomes impossible.
  2. Hormonal problems: The series of different hormone secretion is responsible for making the uterus ready to receive the egg from the ovaries. In case this delicate balance gets disturbed, there is no proper environment in the uterus for the egg to get fertilized.
  3. Defects in the immune system: There are few cases where due to defects in the immune system, body starts production of antibodies that attack on the sperm or the egg. This happens both in the male and female. In case of the males, these antibodies make the sperms inactive or dead. In case of the female, they create a coating on the egg and thus make the penetration of the sperm impossible.
  4. Emotional disturbance and psychological factors: Although there has been no strong correlation established between the emotional effect on the infertility, doctors do not rule out the fact. Extreme mental pressure, trauma, war or natural calamities affect the potency and fertility adversely. Individual cases may also get affected by mental reasons where all physical parameters are normal, but pregnancy is not achieved.

Is the treatment possible?

Not all, but few cases of unexplained infertility can be cured successfully and a clinic like International Fertility Centre has the record of such cases under the guidance of Dr. Rita Bakshi. The extreme dedication and sincere efforts by the doctors and equal amount of support and willingness from the patients is required to get the breakthrough!


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