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Surrogacy: The Better Alternative For Adoption

Surrogacy: the better alternative for adoption Introduction

Adoption has always been considered a noble cause and people do not see it as a solution for infertility, but it is seen as a gesture towards serving the humanity. It is a deed to provide home, education and good quality life to a child that has been deprived of it by default. Nobody can deny about the greatness of this act. However, the idea of selecting it as an answer to the problem of infertility is not much comfortable for a few couples because of some valid reasons. There are some cases of infertility where people feel that adoption is the only option, but in reality surrogacy can be chosen as a much better alternative.


The challenges of being childless

Every couple has dreams about a pleasant and successful married life and getting blessed with a baby is certainly an integral part of it. Most of the couples are able to fulfil their dreams and start the family very easily. However, there are a few those are not so fortunate and do not get success in spite of trying for few months or even years. Time keeps on flying, but no success. The feeling of being childless is really frustrating and the couple start getting stressed as every year passes. There are challenges from everywhere. Society puts various question marks, colleagues and relatives pass remarks, the couple feels de-motivated and worthless and there is no charm in the life. The situation becomes worse when the couple visits to doctor and after thorough investigation, infertility is diagnosed. Dr. Rita Bakshi terms it as a 'nasty punch' and it takes significant amount of time to recover from the initial shock. However, the situation is not that gloomy and pessimistic; there are many methods to achieve pregnancy. Experts suggest the best suitable method according to individual need. Among various options available, surrogacy is suggested to the couples by infertility clinics like International Fertility Centre.


When surrogacy is suggested?

There are various causes of infertility and every couple is affected by a different one. The solution is also therefore different. In a few cases, the intended mother is perfectly capable of producing healthy eggs and there is no problem in the transfer process of eggs from ovaries to the uterus. However, there are fundamental problems in the uterus because of that there is not a healthy environment for the pregnancy in the uterus. The fertilized egg could not get attached with the inner lining of the uterus and hence pregnancy does not occur. There are few cases where the embryo is able to attach with the inner lining, but the lining is not thick enough to hold it for a longer time. Abnormal termination occurs after some time naturally or doctors have to do that because of improper and inadequate growth of the embryo. There is only one option left in front of the couple and that is, surrogacy!

Doctors convince to the couple regarding surrogacy because there are multiple advantages.

  1.   The couple would be able to have a baby with 100% genetic connection with both parents. The only difference is, it gets developed in some other womb.
  2. The possibility of pregnancy in the genetic mother's womb is almost nil and as the attempts gets failed, it becomes feebler.
  3. The surrogate mother gets proper monetary compensation thereby improving the social and economical condition of her family and her own kids. It is a turning point in surrogate woman's life. Reliable and responsible clinics like IFC make sure that the surrogate mother gets sufficient reward for her efforts.

How is it better than adoption?

Although people praise adoption greatly and consider it as the biggest noble act. However, there are many advantages of surrogacy over adoption.
  1.  The 100% genetic connection between the intended parents and the baby relieves from all the worries of unwanted or unknown traits in the baby.
  2. The couple feels more closely attached and emotionally related to the baby because she is 'their own child'.
  3. The social responsibility and helping gesture can be very well achieved because here the surrogate mother and her family is getting benefited by the handsome money paid as remuneration for surrogacy. She is able to achieve higher social status, elevate the standard of living and provide well opportunities to her own family.
  4. Infertility clinics like International Fertility Centre works on the complete development of the surrogate mother and counsel her, groom her and develop her into a more aware and educated female.


The process of surrogacy

Process of surrogacy is a detailed one and requires systematic and methodical working.
  • Once the need of surrogacy is stated and agreed with the intended couple, clinics like IFC start the  process of searching an appropriate surrogate mother. There are many registered with the clinics and the best suitable with the intended couple is selected.
  • The contract papers are signed among the three parties involved. Help of legal advisors is taken to make it smooth, foolproof and according to the law of the land. All the aspects of medical procedure claim and legitimate parent rights, remuneration method and money involved and insurance and social security are defined clearly and unambiguously.
  • Counsellors and social workers take multiple sessions with the surrogate mother and explains about minimum emotional and mental involvement to avoid hand-over trauma.
  • Logistics arrangements like lodging/boarding arrangements for the surrogate mother and intended couples.
  • Preparation for the complex medical procedures and processes to carry out the surrogate pregnancy.
  • External fertilization in the laboratory takes place after collection of matured eggs and male sperm from the intended couple. Surrogate mother is prepared for the pregnancy and the embryo is implanted in the surrogate mother's womb. Pregnancy is observed carefully for some time and then declared as successful.
  •  g)  Infertility clinics take care of the surrogate mothers during entire pregnancy period. Proper arrangement of shelter, food, medical check-up and mental and emotional support are arranged by the infertility clinic. Intended parents can have regular interaction and information about the development and other aspects of the pregnancy.

The process of surrogacy is suggested to a childless couple where the baby can't be borne by the natural manner. The couple has to be convinced about the authenticity and reliability of the process. At the same time, welfare of the surrogate mother also has to be taken care of properly. Surrogacy has a few distinct advantages over adoption and with the help of expert doctors like Dr. Rita Bakshi and the state-of-the-art clinics like International Fertility Centre, this option can be a life-changing experience for intended parents as well as surrogate mother and her family!


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