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Surrogacy Option For The Couples

Surrogacy option for the couples deprived of parenthood

The desire to have a child is one of the most primitive deeds of human being. However, times have changed and with the increasing pressures of materialistic pleasures and importance of money, people are delaying the decision of extending the family. There are many couples that make the decision of DINK (Double Income No Kids) until they achieve a certain level of financial and professional security. The problems related to reproductive system do not get exposed until they become serious about having a child. There are many variations of problems and Doctors have to really work hard in terms of diagnosing and providing the correct treatment for the problem. The journey of this treatment is very long, involves great degree of patience and has many ups and downs that need to be faced with courage and positive attitude by the couple. India is becoming one of the largest centres of surrogacy due to flexible rules and regulations, easy availability of surrogate mothers, cheaper cost and the best medical facilities and attraction of the tourist spots.


The first encounter with infertility problem

Couples usually take a long time to even discover that they are facing problem of infertility. There has been a trend of delaying the first pregnancy by couples that are working. Lack of time, career aspirations, workplace at different location or self initiated family planning methods are the reasons behind this.  The problem of infertility gets masked under these circumstances and gets surfaced when they try for the pregnancy and even after six months to one year there is no success. The detailed investigation reveals that there is some or the other problem in either of the partners and in some cases in both partners.

The first encounter with infertility problem is certainly very painful and devastating experience for both and they feel as if there is completely gloomy and sad future ahead. The feeling of spending the entire life without kids jeopardises the motivation and joy of life. Doctors like Dr. Rita Bakshi comes forward to help and support the childless couple by explaining the root cause, treatment possibilities and history of successful cases. 

The mental trauma due to infertility is very difficult to bear and the immediate reaction is denial of the fact. Couples are not ready to believe that they are suffering from the problem of infertility and the doctors have to take efforts to convince and counsel the couple.


The modus-operandi 

The process of surrogacy starts much before when it is suggested to the childless couples. Actually, infertility clinics like IFC are always in search of women that are ready for surrogate pregnancy. The females have to get registered with the infertility clinic and they have to complete many legal and medical procedures. Complete health check-up and investigation is done and it is ensured that the woman is completely fit and healthy. Legal formalities like signing a contract with infertility clinic, non-disclosure agreement and other formalities are completed.
  • When a childless couple is suggested for surrogate pregnancy or in the case where couples from the other countries approach to the clinic for hiring a surrogate woman, clinics search their database and selects a few best suitable surrogate mothers. The couple and doctors have a meeting and select the best one according to the choice of intended parents.
  • There is a contract signed among all three parties and each and every aspect like remuneration, legitimacy of the parenthood, and hand over process of the baby, insurance and financial security to the surrogate mother, shelter, food and medical facilities for the surrogate mother, etc. are well articulated in the contract document.
  • The medical process starts by matching the ovulation cycle of the surrogate and intended mother using hormone controlling drugs.
  • Matured eggs and sperms are taken from the intended parents and fertilized in the laboratory. The uterus of the surrogate mother is kept ready for implantation of the fertilized embryo. After two to three days of observation, the embryo is implanted in the womb of the surrogate mother.
  • There is complete care taken regarding the medication, mental and physical health, food, better living condition and counselling and development of the surrogate mothers during the pregnancy.
  • Infertility clinics like IFC work on the overall development of the surrogate mother to transform her into a well-aware and matured woman. Family of the surrogate woman is also benefited with monetary reward, education and insurance.

Benefits of surrogacy option
The option of surrogacy is actually a win-win situation for both parties. Surrogate mother and her family get handsome remuneration to enhance standard of living and the couple gets blessed with a baby. India is becoming a distinct place for surrogacy across the globe and for the intended couples of Europe, America and other continents; it is the best opportunity to enjoy rich cultural heritage and exotic tourist places and the low cost surrogate pregnancy as compared to their native countries. However, infertility clinics like International Fertility Centre work in a dedicated manner and sincerely towards welfare of the surrogate mother and ensure that there is absolutely no exploitation at any stage. Not only the surrogate mother, but the interests of intended couples are also taken care of.

The option of surrogacy is suggested when the couples are able to produce healthy eggs and sperms, but the internal problems of the female reproduction system do not allow successful pregnancy to happen. This option is selected in order to have a baby that is 100% genetically connected to the parents. Intended couple gets the mental and emotional relief of having their 'own' child and the surrogate mother gets monetary benefit to help her 'own' kids and family. 

India is becoming an international hub for surrogacy and the increase in the number of infertility clinics is one of the evidence of that. Dr. Rita Bakshi of International Fertility Centre, New Delhi terms it as a 'positive sign for our country' because it is indirectly helping increase the social and economical status of the country. However, she underlines the importance of fair practices and code of conduct for surrogate pregnancy and other infertility treatments. Government is also aware of this fact and therefore, stringent guidelines have been given for surrogacy. An infertility clinic like IFC takes the help of legal and social experts to explain the intricate points of the process so that there is complete transparency and clarity. There is no doubt that surrogate pregnancy has become a blessing for thousands of childless couples that had left the hopes of becoming parents. The medical science has brought a new dawn of parenthood in their life.


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