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Incredible Babies

Egg donation for incredible babies

The idea of donating eggs in order to help a couple to start their family might feel incredible for a few people. However, the matter of the fact is it has been very popular and doctors have treated enormous cases using this method. There are women who come forward voluntarily to help others and do not expect anything in return. The positive attitude, readiness to bear inconvenience and pain and helping nature are the fundamental attributes to come forward for egg donation. The ability and skill of expert doctors like Dr. Rita Bakshi of International Fertility Centre, is required to carry out the process to ensure 100% success. It is surely not an easy procedure and the success is directly proportional to the expertise of the doctors that are handling the case.

ABC of egg donation

The concept of egg donation for treatment of infertility has been in existence from a long time, but the latest techniques and advancement in medicine and treatment methods has made it simpler. The process of ovulation plays a major role in childbirth. Eggs get matured, released from the ovaries and travel to the uterus through fallopian tubes. Fertilization process is done by male sperm and fertilized embryo gets attached to the inner lining of the uterus. There are many women with basic problem in the ovulation process and eggs do not get matured properly. It is very obvious that pregnancy is impossible in this case. There are some diseases that get carried forward to the next generation from the mother.  Doctors suggest avoiding pregnancy in this case because it may create problem in the next generation. The option of egg donation comes as a great relief for these women and they can also experience the joy of parenthood.  Healthy eggs are taken from donor women and fertilized in the laboratory using the sperm of the male partner. Fertilized embryos are implanted in the intended mother’s womb and pregnancy takes place.

Doctors decide the option of open, semi closed or closed type of egg donation with the consent of both parties. In case of open donation egg donor and intended couple have face-to-face interaction and they know each other very well. In case of semi closed donation they can have indirect interaction through phone calls, email or chat. Personal information is not shared with each other. In case of closed donation, they do not have any interaction at all and only doctors and clinics like International Fertility Centre play the role of mediator. The selection of the donation method is decided in the beginning of the process and followed till the end.

Can anyone become egg donor?

Technically speaking, ‘yes' if you are able to produce a healthy egg. However, on all practical grounds you need to pass various tests before going for this overwhelming experience. Doctors are very strict while selecting egg donors and there are obvious reasons for that. It is a question of giving birth to a baby and there can't be any compromise in terms of quality of the egg. Dr. Rita Bakshi monitors the screening and sorting process of donor mothers at International Fertility Centre to assure about the quality. Typically, you can become an egg donor if:
  1.  You are perfectly fit; mentally, emotionally and physically!
  2.  You are a teetotaller and no inclination towards tobacco.
  3.  You belong to the age bracket of 20 to 40. The quality of eggs is at the peak during this period.
  4. You have no history of venereal disease, any sexually transmitted disease and HIV infection.
  5. You are a positive thinker, willing to help others and ready to take risks.
  6. You have at least one successful pregnancy and one kid of your own.
  7. You do not have any history of reproductive system disorders, abortions or termination of pregnancy.

How does it help in getting incredible babies?

The process of selecting the best egg donor is carried by expert doctors like Dr. Rita Bakshi. Actually it is one of the most critical steps. Doctors take the physical characteristics, mental and psychological status, cultural and educational background of the intended couple and the donor mother. The baby would be carrying genetic characteristics of the donor mother and the intended father. Since intended mother does not have any genetic connection with the baby, doctors try to match her physical characteristics with the donor mother.  Intellectual traits would come from the donor woman and therefore doctors try to select a donor mother with the best ones so that the probability of getting incredible babies is higher. 

Is it safe?                                                                                

The process of egg donation is absolutely safe. There are very rare chances of getting complication developed that require medical attention. Most of the treatment is making changes in the hormone levels and normal side-effects like tenderness in the breasts, pain in breasts, nausea, vomiting, and loss of appetite or weakness can be felt by the intended mother and donor woman. However, all these complaints are normal and not severe ones. Doctors prescribe appropriate drugs to control the symptoms. There are very rare chances of errors happening while implanting the fertilized embryo. Instead of getting attached to the internal lining of the uterus, it gets attached in the fallopian tube. This is known as 'ectopic pregnancy' and has to be given proper attention. Doctors normally suggest terminating it because it can become fatal for the mother and the baby. There are no risks of life and even the overnight hospitalization is also not required.

The advancement in the field of infertility treatment has made it absolutely safe and secured. The more important role is played by the doctors like Dr. Rita Bakshi who deals the case. Continuous monitoring, constant communication, mental and physical support and a sense of assurance by expert doctors make the journey trouble-free!

The disappointed and frustrated couples that have left all the hopes of getting blessed with a baby can experience a happy ending with the help of egg donors. The credit does not go to a single entity, but it is a joint success of the intended couple, donor woman and the team of medical experts. Without the coordinated and dedicated efforts of everybody, succeed can never be achieved. Egg donation is certainly an amazing way of getting incredible baby, if the physical and mental characters of the donor woman and the intended couple are matched properly. The genetic combination might result in a unique blend of mental capabilities, skills and intelligence. The process of egg donation is full of ups and downs, but the result is always wonderful!

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