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Couples go for Egg Donation

Why couples go for egg donation?

The need to go for infertility treatment gets arise when a couple is unable to succeed in pregnancy after taking efforts for a longer time. Unprotected physical relations for more than six to nine months must turn into a successful pregnancy and if this does not occur, it triggers the alarm. Infertility clinics like International Fertility Centre has state-of-the-art diagnostic facilities to find out the root cause. Treatment methodology is different in every infertility case and the same is suggested according to the type of infertility. Dr. Rita Bakshi the leading infertility specialists at IFC, treats every patient individually. Personalized treatment is provided to every patient and individual case-study is kept in mind while suggesting the right alternative.

Every couple goes from the same state of mind where complete uncertainty, sorrow and frustration that takes the energy and enthusiasm of life. It is therefore, required to have the right doctor with a right attitude. Vast experience of handling a variety of the cases, positive attitude and high positive energy, motivating and encouraging attitude increases the probability of coming off with flying colours!

Revealing the bitter truth

Couples go to take expert advice after unsuccessful efforts of getting pregnant and the first step is to diagnose the problem. A doctor like Dr. Rita Bakshi follows the structured and systematic approach of eliminating the probable cause one by one. There are various tools and techniques are used, e.g. physical examination, blood sample testing, ultrasound and x-ray tests, etc. Clinics like IFC have all types of machines and instruments, well supported by a team of expert technicians that are capable of diagnosing the root cause precisely.

The first information about infertility is a terrible experience for the childless couple. The truth is much hard to digest and they are not able to accept the reality. Leading infertility specialist Dr. Rita Bakshi of IFC terms it as 'the most critical moment'.
However, after the first shock is over the intended couple understands that it is a medical problem and can be resolved with medical aid. Doctors need to further investigate and find out the root cause so that exact solution can be planned.

It is extremely important to give a mental and emotional support to the childless couple after revealing the truth of infertility. This task is performed very well by the doctors treating infertility. They explain the root cause and all probable remedies to overcome infertility. Couples feel much relaxed and relieved after the counselling done by doctors and get prepared for the further treatment.

The options

  1. There are various types of infertility and treatment varies accordingly. Doctors are the best judge and they decide what to opt and when?
  2. Surgery: This option is chosen when there is physiological problem in the male or female reproductive system. In case of some males, sperm are unable to travel from testicles to penis. In some females the path of ovaries to uterus is blocked and therefore matured egg can't travel to the uterus. In such cases, surgery can correct the problem.
  3. Hormonal treatment: In some cases, either or both partners develop antibodies that kill sperms or make changes in the egg due to that fertilization becomes impossible. Special drugs are injected in the blood or taken in the form of tablets to correct the problem.
  4. Surrogacy: Doctors suggest the option of surrogacy when there is pregnancy not possible in the female partner due to structural problem or incapability of the uterus. In some women, the inner lining of the uterus is very thin and fertilized egg could not get attached with it. The pregnancy gets terminated either immediately or after few months. If the same happens repeatedly, doctors suggest surrogate pregnancy since both partners are able to provide healthy eggs and sperm.

The option of egg donation

There are cases where female partner has ovulation related issues; she is unable to provide matured eggs. In this case, the uterus is capable of carrying out the pregnancy without any problem. Doctors suggest the option of egg donation in such cases where healthy and matured egg is 'borrowed' from another woman. The egg is then fertilized externally with the sperm of the male partner and embryo is transplanted in the intended mother's womb. The offspring is partially connected to the couple because only sperm is taken from the male partner.
However, couples find this type of pregnancy much comfortable as compared to the alternative of adopting a baby with no genetic relation.

Going through the process

  • Identify the donor: When the childless couple is given the option of egg-donation and they agree with it, the infertility clinic starts the work of searching the most suitable egg-donor woman. Normally, the registered egg-donors with good clinics like IFC comply with the basic norms. Intended couples have to match the physical characteristics only.
  • Select the type of egg donation: There are three types of egg donation; open, semi open and closed. In case of open egg donation both parties are well verse with each other and know all the personal and profile information. In case of semi-open egg donation both parties interact with each other without knowing the personal details. They can have interaction through mail, chat and phone. In case of closed egg donation, there is no interaction at all. The egg donor donates the eggs and her role is over.
  • The medical procedure: Once the egg donor and egg donation type is finalized, there is a contract gets signed between the three parties and the medical process starts.

  • a) There are two women involved in the process and therefore doctors need to match the egg maturity cycle of both. Although the intended mother's egg does not play any role in pregnancy, still it is required to make the internal condition of the uterus favourable for embryo transplant.
    b) Once the eggs get matured in the egg donor's ovaries, they are extracted by a small medical process. Half a day hospitalization is required and the donor woman can go home the same evening.
    c) There are multiple matured eggs get produced in the donor woman because she is given special hormonal injections. It is done so that many eggs are available for more than one attempt.
    d) External fertilization takes place in the laboratory. Male partner of the intended couple gives sperm for the same. Doctors get ready multiple embryos and select the best two or three.
    e) The embryos are implanted in the intended mother's womb. If the intended mother is less than 40 year of age, they implant two embryos. In case it is more than 40 year, then three embryos are implanted. It is done because the probability of successful pregnancy gets reduced with the age.
    f) After two to three weeks of observation the pregnancy is confirmed. Intended mother has to be under observation during the entire pregnancy.

Choosing egg donation is perhaps the best option for couple who wants to have a baby with partial genetic connection, instead of adopting a child where there is no genetic connection at all. Although the process is not very simple, but with the help of infertility experts like Dr. Rita Bakshi of International Fertility Centre, you can very well cope-up with infertility problem by going through this method. It is the combined efforts of egg- donor woman, intended couple and the doctors and team of the infertility clinic hence requires a great amount of teamwork, dedication, sincerity and technical skills.


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    Reducing the stress in your life is very important. Practice relaxation techniques like meditation, breathing exercises and/or acupuncture.

    Get adequate sleep.

    Eat a healthy, well-balanced diet.

    Reach a healthy weight. A BMI over 30 could affect your fertility. An ideal BMI is between 20 and 25.

    Don't drink or smoke.

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