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How do food supplements add a value to IVF?

How do food supplements add a value to IVF?

Treating each case of infertility opens a new window of knowledge to me. I have no hesitation in accepting the fact that treating infertility is a taxing job. However, the challenges and thrills keep me excited about it.  Resolving queries of childless couples and giving them correct and authentic information is a major part of the treatment.

Patients always wonder about the variety of food supplements prescribed during infertility treatment. They are not able to realize the importance and relevance of it. We all know that food supplements are prescribed when there is a deficiency of particular nutrients in the body.  Since they support our daily diet by fulfilling the deficiency of vitamins and minerals, they are called dietary supplements also. As an infertility expert, we prescribe various supplements after analyzing the physical condition of the patient. It varies from patient to patient.

Role of food supplements
When we prescribe these supplements to an infertile couple, there are two reasons. Firstly, they correct the deficiency, if any. Secondly, these supplements improve the quality of eggs and correct the hormonal balance by reducing stress. They provide micronutrients that are available in fruits, vegetables, herbs, and nuts. Though it is possible to provide them through a balanced diet also, but it is not possible during infertility treatment.  Stress, anxiety, and other psychological factors affect the intake of food in females resulting in malnutrition. The process of conception may get hindered due to inadequate nutrients. Therefore, we prescribe dietary supplements.

Types of supplements
Food supplements prescribed to IVF patients can be categorized based on their characteristics. I prefer antioxidants and essential amino acids because they help greatly in the success of IVF procedures. PCOD mimetic or Insulin sensitizers are given in specific cases if needed. It is a fact that these supplements play a vital role in the success of the treatment.

Antioxidants extracted from the natural sources are considered goodfor treating infertility patients. These antioxidants delay the process of aging and thus, remarkably improve the health of a reproductive system. Pycogenol, Melatonin, and co-enzyme Q are some of the popular antioxidants. They all are extracted from the natural sources like wheat grass or a pine tree.Myo-inositol is an insulin resistant that improves the ovulation process.

Folic acid is another vital supplement that is prescribed during the treatment.  It is an important element that helps in sustaining pregnancy. Folic acid also plays a critical role in the development of the fetus.
Extracting the maximum benefit from it

It is a reality that dietary supplements alone do not help. The success of infertility treatment or IVF depends on the treatment method, physical and mental readiness of the patient, and the overall health. It is a combined effect of dedicated efforts of the patient and the doctor.

 We decide food supplements according to the physical condition of a patient. Though there are hardly any side-effects of these supplements, but still we need to monitor them for some time. Anything unusual needs immediate consultation.

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