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The surprising relationship of Asthma and infertility

The surprising relationship of Asthma and infertility

Dramatic increase in the cases of Asthma and other respiration problems has been observed recently. There are some fundamental reasons behind it. Firstly, air-conditioning has become quite common in the household and office premises. Secondly, the percentage of dust particles and other irritant factors have increased manifold. As a result, people face respiration related problems quite frequently.

Surprisingly, these problems are not a cause of concern for ENT specialists only, but infertility experts are also equally worried about it. Research indicates that women suffering from Asthma are less fertile as compared to women without Asthma. In some cases, the problem does not cause infertility, but there is a significant delay in pregnancy.

The research

The research was conducted on a sample of 15000 women under the age of 40 years. 1000 women of the lot wereAsthmatic. They were identified into two categories further. Those who received treatment for Asthma identified separately. Lifestyle factors like smoking and eating habits were also considered. The group was asked about the pregnancy history. The results were surprising. Out of those suffering from Asthma, around 27% had a hard time during pregnancy. The percentage was 21% in the healthy women. Similarly, the women suffering from Asthma and did not receive treatment had 30% fewer chances of conception. The same percentage was 23% in those who received treatment.

It is quite clear that Asthma creates an adverse effect on fertility. Treatment of Asthma certainly reduces the risk of infertility but doesn’t eliminate it fully. Experts think that Asthma causes systemic inflammation, and that is the cause of infertility.  Such patients should start the married life early. It may cover-up the delays in conception, and they become pregnant at the right age.

Why does Asthma cause infertility?

Asthma is a chronic disease related to the respiration system affecting millions of people worldwide. It causes inflammation in the air passage and other areas of the body. Along with other organs, it affects the fallopian tubes causing infertility problem in females. There is a clear association between Asthma and delay in pregnancy.  Though the research indicates the trend only and concrete conclusion yet to be established, but the interrelationship shows a direct correlation.

Other than inflammation, Asthma affects the immunity of patients, and they are prone to infections.  Due to weakness of the overall system, there is an adverse impact on the hormonal secretion, a vital aspect of the reproduction system. It may create infertility issues in the future.

This research will help significantly in the treatment of infertility. Doctors are hopeful that treating Asthma with strong medication will help in recovering the problem and women will not face infertility problems in the future. Therefore, it is important to treat Asthma in the early years, especially in case of the girl child. In a Country like India where living conditions are prone to respiration related diseases, the finding could be extremely useful. Dedicated programs are needed from government and other agencies for eradicating Asthma. It will reduce infertility cases tomorrow.

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