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Infertility is an issue to be taken seriously

Infertility is an issue to be taken seriously
Infertility experts are one of the busiest people in the medical field. Not because they treat more patients than they can handle, but because they need to spend a lot of time with patients. The treatment is lengthy and tiring. It drains out the energy and enthusiasm from patients and doctors. According to the researches, one in six couples faces some kind of infertility problem. Some of the couples don’t even notice it till they realize the delay in conception. They waste valuable time in waiting for conception. It causes delay in the treatment and eventually in the pregnancy. Therefore, it is highly recommended taking infertility seriously.

Why should couples take it seriously?
2009 was the turning point when WHO formally declared infertility as a disease and declared that it needs treatment just like other diseases. It opened new possibilities of research and development towards effective treatment of the ailment.

Infertility is a severe mental and physical issue for the couple, especially for women. It is difficult to face the reality and cope up with the mental trauma. In spite of being the most advanced medical advancement in the medical history, IVF is quite complicated and cumbersome treatment. Infertility is a major crisis and not only gets the couple, but the entire family and society affected by it.  Infertile couples need love and understanding.  Counseling helps in fighting with the crippling effect.

Infertility treatments usually last long and there are multiple iterations of treatments. Hormonal treatment is an integral part of it causing mental ups and downs. There are moments of joy and devastation.  Hence, couples need perpetual motivation and support. They need encouragement and positive thrust. Though infertility experts work in resolving the mental and psychological problems, but they need equal support from family and friends.

Some myths and facts about infertility
The more a couple takes it seriously, the better are the chances of recovery. Early treatment helps a lot in eliminating the fundamental cause and making the pregnancy possible. A few myths and facts about the infertility problem are:

•    Infertility is caused in women only: It is the commonest myth about infertility. As a matter of fact, only one third of the infertility cases are contributed by women. Rest two-third is shared by the male infertility and unexplained infertility. Therefore, find the fundamental cause of the problem as early as possible.

•    Every other couple is able to conceive as so as we: Couples think that conception is possible at the drop of a hat.  In reality, every third couple is facing infertility issues. Infertility experts convince and counsel patients about the reality.

•    Stress does not have correlation with infertility: In reality, stress has a direct correlation with infertility problem.  It affects the hormonal secretion that is a vital element of the reproductive system.  Deep rooted tensions and emotional problems make the impact severe.

•    Infertility problem gets cured with time: Infertility is an ailment that needs treatment. Waiting for years without a treatment makes the condition worse.

Take the infertility problem seriously to overcome it quickly. The joy of parenthood can be experienced after serious efforts only.

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