Thursday, 27 March 2014

Being pregnant at 40 with Infertility Treatment

Pregnancy at the age of 40 is surely not a recommended thing in the normal case. However, we infertility experts consider it quite a normal thing. Today, women diagnose infertility problem quite late, and they don’t have any option than trying for pregnancy till the age of 40. Recent studies indicate that the modern techniques have made it easy to conceive in the later life. Thousands of women are experiencing the joy of motherhood with the help of advanced infertilityclinic. Due to the intense care and constant supervision, it is possible to carry out pregnancy safely and give birth to a healthy child. Infertility treatment is the process of correcting the fundamental medical problem and establishing the natural balance of the reproductive system.

What helps in the journey of successful pregnancy at 40?
A few factors make the journey of pregnancy successful and smooth. Infertility is a condition affected by several internal and external factors and we experts work on resolving these conditions. Several physical and psychological factors contribute to the issues related to fertility problem.

1.       Understanding that it is not a local problem: We need to understand that infertility is not a local problem, but the disruption of various systems including the reproductive system.  We infertility experts work on the problems in totality and not on an individual basis.

2.       Establishing the natural balance is important: Factors like pollution and toxic elements affect the inner environment of the body. For infertility expert like me, the biggest challenge is to bring the balance in the body. The internal environment shows incredible improvement when we establish the natural balance back.

3.       It is important to achieve an early breakthrough: The journey of infertility treatment is not easy. It is important to achieve success as early as possible. If we repeat the cycles of IVF especially after the age of 40, then there are multiple times increase chances of miscarriages or premature birth. It is possible that babies born with deformities or they are mentally challenged. It is a painful experience for the couple. Though advanced medical science reduces the chances of such mishaps, but it is recommended going through the procedures as early as possible.

4.        Step-by-step holistic treatment helps: When we work on the cases of infertility treatment at the age of 40 or above, the prime focus is on a step-by-step holistic process. Understanding the capability of the reproductive system is the first step. Various methods are used for assessing it. Physical and mental capability are tested through physical examinations and counseling. We explain the painful and arduous procedures to patients and analyze the readiness; Treatments and procedures are explained to them at length and also told about the probability of success. These efforts set the expectations well, and the journey becomes easy.

The combined efforts of infertility experts and infertile couple dramatically increase the chances of having a healthy baby. It is a remarkable moment for the childless couple, a joint success of the patients and the infertility expert! 


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