Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Am I the best infertility expert?

Am I the best infertility expert?

When I look back at the past as an infertility expert, it is impossible to believe the revolutionary change. I remember the times when people had limited choices to opt for. Infertility experts were not many, and treatment was costly and cumbersome. The success rate was very low, and the charges were overwhelming.  The scenario has completely changed today. The awareness has increased manifold. The patients are well-informed about the treatment methods.

How do patients select an infertility expert?

Patients do a lot of homework before they take an appointment.
•    They consult others: Even today, patients rely most on the opinion of others. They talk to the friends, family members, and relatives about the best infertility expert around. Hence, it is important for me to maintain a good reputation in the market.  It is important to be a great infertility expert, but it is more important that people talk about it.  High professionalism and cut practice force people to rely on t the opinion of close friends or relatives.

•    First impression matters:It is the most crucial moment when the couple visits my clinic for the first time. It is nothing but “love at the first sight”! Patients expect that the infertility expert listens to the problem sympathetically. They need proper handholding and guidance. They need a reassurance about the effectiveness of IVF treatment. They like to listen about the success stories. As an infertility expert, it is my duty to build trust about the treatment method. If I do it successfully, then half of the battle is won.

Characteristics of a great infertility expert

I have been in the field of infertility treatment from a long time. A few characteristics are important in an infertility expert:
•    Counseling:  There are various moments of pain and sorrow during the infertility treatment. Good infertility expert acts as friend, philosopher and guide to the infertile couple. He or she responds to the questions and explains the reasons for failure.
•    Command over the subject: A good infertility expert has superb command over the subject. He keeps the patients well-aware of the treatment methods and procedures. He knows the pros and cons of every move and does not get panic with the situation.
•    Attitude: a good infertility expert always gives full attention to the patients. They are not left on the mercy of junior staff during the crucial moments. They are treated with utmost care and affection.
•    Transparency: Patients like complete transparency in the treatment. They should be involved in every decision and explained about the risks and success ratio.

Success of an infertility treatment greatly depends on the patient-doctor relationship. There has to be complete trust between the two parties. It is a long running treatment, and there are various ups and downs in the journey. Hence, it is important that the bonding is good. It is important that patients must consider me the best infertility expert.  I may be a great doctor from my perspective, it is important that my patients perceive that!

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