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Study shows that frozen embryos are better than the fresh ones

Study shows that frozen embryos are better than the fresh ones

The treatment of infertility takes advantage of the modern techniques. We infertility experts talk to the infertile couples and discuss various aspects and possibilities of bringing the joy of parenthood in their life. One such remarkable technique is the use of frozen embryos for In Vitro Fertilization.  Infertility experts have been using them from a long time with a great success rate. According to the specialists worldwide, it is one of the leading reproductive techniques. Modern tools have increased the possibility of successful childbirth manifold. IVF with frozen embryo is bridging the gap between having no children and having children. 
Though the techniques have been in use from years, it was not so much developed and sophisticated earlier.

Statistical research reveals the effectiveness of frozen embryo in making the pregnancy effective in multiple ways. Infertility experts worldwide have admired the technique of frozen embryos for easiness and convenience. However, these findings establish their credibility in terms of improving the quality of pregnancy and childbirth.

Does frozen embryo affect the quality of pregnancy?

It is a fact that frozen embryos have better success rate as compared to the normal one. According to statistics, women in the age group of 36 to 42 have shown more than 75% successful pregnancies with frozen eggs against 54% with fresh fertilized eggs. This is a major contradiction to the popular belief that fresh embryos show better success rates than frozen ones.

Not only the better success rate, but frozen embryos show fewer miscarriages and longevity of the fetus. In addition to that, chromosomal screening proves that frozen embryos show fewer birth defects as compared to the normal embryos. A single embryo implantation makes sure that the couples will have only one child per birth reducing the most common problem of multiple births, the biggest nuisance in IVF Treatment.

It is a biological fact that pregnancy through frozen embryo is much stable because women are free from the hassles of hormonal treatment and painful procedure. Stress and strain affect the quality of pregnancy. Earlier it was believed that immediate implantation of embryo needed for a successful pregnancy. However, research in the later years showed that frozen embryos are equally effective in a successful pregnancy.

How are frozen embryos convenient?  
I work in two steps as an infertility expert. First, I give hormonal treatment so that the body starts producing quality eggs. Modern technology makes it possible extracting multiple eggs and keeping them preserved for subsequent use. It is obvious that the facility gives us a chance to use frozen embryos in each case we treat. Since IVF depends on various factors, multiple attempts may fail. Frozen embryos are helpful in trying pregnancy for multiple times.

The procedures are time-taking and tedious. Therefore, I extract matured eggs with hormonal treatment.It is especially helpful for patients above the age of 40 years where women can’t undergo stressful treatment.  The latest findings give a positive thrust to the infertility treatment. With the coordinated efforts of patients success can be achieved quickly.

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