Sunday, 5 January 2014

The latest finding could save infertile men from biopsy

The latest finding could save infertile men from biopsy
It is a fact that male infertility is much complex, and we infertility experts need to put a lot of efforts to dig out the cause. Moreover, the diagnostic procedures involve many evasive surgical procedures to determine whether the infertility is caused due to obstructive reason or non-obstructive. It is a depressing and painful experience for the patient. However, the recent findings have shown a ray of hope for painless diagnosis.

According to the researchers, two distinctive proteins ECM1 and TEX101 can help in diagnosing the cause of male infertility and deciding the plan of action. They are hopeful that the findings can give as accurate results as biopsy, and it is an encouraging fact indeed. Thousands of infertile men would feel a great relief to know about it. They will be relieved from the painful holes in the testicles.

Statistics reveal that almost half of the cases of male infertility are caused due to a physical blockage in some part of the male reproduction system. It prevents the sperms from entering into the semen before ejaculation. The above-mentioned research is based on the analysis of various proteins found in the semen.  Researchers are hopeful that the analysis of the protein itself would indicate whether the patient is suffering from obstructive infertility or not.

Types of male infertility
a.    Structural infertility: It occurs when there is a congestion or obstruction in the male reproduction system. Swelling in the nerves or structural problems in the testicles cause this type of infertility. The treatment involves surgical procedures. Male infertility surgery is highly complicated and prone to risk. We need time to diagnose the exact cause of infertility.
b.    Functional infertility: Functional infertility is associated with the quality and quantity of semen. The most frequent causes are low count of sperms and low motility of sperm. Genetic issues and hormonal disorders also come under this category. Absence of semen or low production of semen can also cause functional infertility. We treat the symptoms by prescribing drugs. In some cases, minor surgical procedures may also be needed.

Treating obstructive male infertility

We treat obstructive male infertility in two ways:
a)    We fix the problem by a surgical procedure
b)    We extract sperms from testicles by sperm retrieval process that lasts around three hours
In case of men suffering from obstructive infertility and absence off sperms, we have to undergo sperm extraction surgery without any guarantee of finding sperms.  Even in case of men who do not produce any sperm we need to perform sperm extraction surgery. It is a total waste of resources because there are no sperms present in the testicles.

The latest research indicates that it is possible to determine the presence of sperms by testing protein TEX101. We need not perform the painful operation for sperm extraction. It is assumed that with the completion of the research it is possible to derive simple and cheap infertility treatment for men. The latest findings will open further options for effective treatment of male infertility.


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