Monday, 1 July 2013

The latest miracle in infertility treatment!

Select CCS, the latest miracle in infertility treatment!

It has been a long time I am handling various aspects of infertility and still I feel there are hundreds of things that are still mystery. We have been successful in helping thousands of childless couples to enjoy the sweetest moment of life that is parenthood and there have been magnificent breakthroughs in this field. However, there are so many things that come as great obstacles in front of us.

The “broken” egg that breaks the expectation!

There are various aspects of female infertility and certainly one of the most complex one is the quality of the egg in a female. Remember that it plays a phenomenal role in the pregnancy and any sort of abnormality can either make the conception impossible, or there may be problems in the normal growth of the fetus.

The quality of the female egg determines the quality of the embryo. Unfortunately until very recent times, there was no guaranteed method available to distinguish and determine a healthy egg. Although we use many other methods to reach to the highest accuracy level, there are still possibilities of errors. The embryos are judged from the external appearance and although the assumption is correct usually, but we were not sure absolutely!

It is certainly incredible that it is possible to even select the best sperm from a lot of millions to ensure successful pregnancy, but it is not possible to select the “really” healthy egg. There are tools like genetic tests or checking the ovarian reserves are available to do the health check, but with limited accuracy!

The latest breakthrough

It was really the great day for me when I heard recently about the latest breakthrough in the field of female infertility treatment. It will surely help us in determining the health of the female embryo with the highest level of accuracy.

According to the authentic information there has been a new technique developed named as SelectCCS or Select Comprehensive Chromosome Screening. The method is based on the screening of chromosomes in an egg.

Chromosomes play the fundamental role in the quality of embryo and most interestingly, screening of these chromosomes would significantly determine about the embryo health. Typically a Euploid embryo is made up of 46 chromosomes in the group of two and the Aneuploid embryo will have abnormal number of chromosomes.

How SelectCCS is performed?

It is a special technique used by us to screen the embryo at the molecular level. This technique gives the exact information to us so that we can analyze and decide the health status. The method is very accurate and helps especially those females who experience multiple miscarriages. Maximum times these miscarriages are contributed by the improper quality of embryo.
The advantage

SelectCCS procedure not only tells the exact health of embryo, we infertility experts can decide to go for single embryo plantation. It avoids the unwanted complication of twin or triplet pregnancies. Single Embryo Transfer or SET can be used to ensure healthy and successful pregnancy. There is tremendous improvement in the success ratio and safety level of the IVF cycle.

It has surely come as the biggest relief to my female patients who have crossed 35 years of age or who have undergone multiple IVF cycles. IT is certainly going to answer all questions and queries of such couples!

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